I'm trying to hang on till drs opens to avoid going back to a and e, following last night's visit. My chest X ray was clear which supervised me because it feels I have fluid on the lungs. I'm constantly coughing after several days of vomiting up white foam and thick yellow mucus. Now mostly dry and scratchy following first choose of this cost if steroids. Have the shakes from so much Salbutamol and pain in the arms both sides. Was on nebular at a and e last night which helped for an hour or two then came back again. Feeling scared but don't want to waste time if IRS just my anxiety making symptoms feel worse. Can't find my peak flow meter. Nurse says if of goes below100 come back, my normal reading is 200/250 top. Think the predisone has closed my airway up more I can hardly see any space at the back of my throat and I can never breathe through my nose on a day to day basis. Feel like I'm drowning. My son is here but I don't want to worry him. Have told him I might need him to call Dr at 8am and just to keep an eye on me in between.

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  • Fluid would of shown up on the x-ray. We all get panicked when we feel like we can't breathe and with you mentioning you suffer from anxiety it sure will exasperate your symptoms. Obviously we all know our bodies and I know it's hard but you need to try and relax I would if I was you still ring your gp just to put your mind at rest.... Until then do the best thing what helps you relax x

  • Thanks it's helped, just having someone say that. In fairly calm but a little scared but xray being clear probably means I'm OK then? Nurse said I have inflammation so that's probably what's making my throat feel like it's closing up. Eesh I must stop worrying I'm off to listen to some music. Thanks again. Best wishes Lauren

  • No worries Lauren not sure if your a herbal tea fan but I would highly recommend camomile tea for relaxing and music 🎶 always helps :-) and seriously the hospital wouldn't of let you out if they thought or knew it was anything serious x

  • Yes I have several herbal teas the latest collection being immune defence. What a good idea thanks for reminding me. I've just been downing loads is water but a nice warm herbal tea, camomile would be good now. :-)

  • A good herbal tea for throat probs and I found breathing probs is Liquorice Tea. I use the Throat Comfort from Yogi (Don't like their Egyptian Tea which is also Liquorice but it has mint in it which I hate).

  • Yes true that's a comfort, thanks. All the best. X

  • Been my rock on many occasions x feel better soon hunni x

  • You too hun. X

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