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Hi guys been very stressful last few days with my chest still not right now on two hourly nebs religiously and if needed in between can hardly move about peek flow no higher than 200 still but took more blood today to try and c what the phumonia and another infection on top has arrived and find the right antibiotic for me I coming to the end of the ones I was on but all being well we aiming for some time next week to come home but got to sit and ride it out and c what happened not going in till they say i'm fit enough x

Hope everyone doing ok love to everyone all the best x

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Thinking of you Tracey. You are SO thoughtful thinking of others while dealing with everything you have gone through. God Bless.

Tracey1972 in reply to Hidden

Hi as I c it always someone worse off than me out there keeps me going thinking like that x

I hope you start to feel better soon Tracey.

Thank u me to its like night at the museum in here x

Tracye, my 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Are with you !

Hey. Thinking of you. Hang on in there. Really hope they find the right antibiotic for you soon. Keep posting . Take care. Love Ros x

My peak flow is 150 to 180 this morning. Started steroids and antibiotics yesterday. Spoke to Respiratory Team as well. They will ring me Monday, otherwise if gets any worse, guess where I will be? Gosh I hope not. My house is a disgusting pigsty, clutter everywhere. Never get the energy to do it when I am well, as it never lasts long enough, and I don't have any kids! Well, actually my partner Scott is a big kid. Tell you about him some other time. So me resting on the sofa again today. Hope to pop my head out of the window for some fresh air. What is your peak flow when you are well, on average?

Hi sorry to hear u not so well on good day it's 400 at the moment it's 150-200 not the best even moving is a struggle x

Definately make sure you hang on to that 400. I used to be that, then three years ago good day went to 300. Now I am lucky if I get 200. Mostly around 180 (yes, I am a dart board ha ha). It stays at 180 no matter what I do, just sticks there This is because I have lung obstruction as well as the Asthma now, because of all the infections over the years. I am in my late 50s and been a Severe Asthmatic all my life. Luckily I don't seem to suffer from side effects too much.

Let us know how you get on. This king of you. Don't know how you manage with kids as well.

The problem with staying in hospital is that there are lots of other bugs around there. However, if you come home too soon, you may be back in again in a day or two. Your immunity needs to recover so that you are strong enough to come home. You make sure you are strong enough. Can I ask if they have changed your Nebuliser mask at all while you have been in? The number of times I have seen Nebuliser masks and tubing on the floor, picking up germs. If they say that they dont need to change your mask because only you use it, then they need to speak to the Specialist Respiratory Senior Nurse, as mine says they should be changed daily in hospital (can't see that happening). You could reinfect yourself. Ask for another mask and tubing today.

I clean the mask out every time I use it and I keep it hung up beside me so I can keep a eye on it x

That is great. Somehow I always find the mask knocked off, on the floor. I am feeling a bit better - suddenly about 2pm this afternoon, it started getting easier. Understand you are still on the two hourly nebs. I hope that you manage to get some rest tonight, and some sleep, and that you are a little better tomorrow. I have been wondering about you, how you are.

Had lossy night and we all will tonight as a lady in here had a c pack mask and it makes a tight old noise keeps everyone awake and the snorers so no sleep again I did grab a few hours earlier but not enough but i'm coughing and wheezing so I awake as well

I find !Istening to audio books helps for that, and also Comedians on audio CD. Which reminds me, I really must start to do some ripping...It always seems to take so long. I think I don't use the technology at my disposal in the best way, but I don't have anyone really to ask.

Just need to break to take the old 'puffer'.. I recall a patient not far away had a CPac Mask, but I do not remember it bothering me much, due to the noise from the rest of the nebs at different times, alarms from the IVs, dementia patients trying to get out of bed (once this patient opposite me succeeded getting out from a bed with rails up both sides. She fell off the bed with an almighty thump. I pressed the bell and called for help. I imagined all sorts of things. they managed to get her back into bed, but moved her to a side ward). Patients pressing the bells for the commode, others calling for the nurse again, again, again, oh and another lady trying to get out of bed on her own.......It is amazing that anyone manages to sleep in the Respiratory Wards.

Time for my neb now. Hope you feel a little better tomorrow.

Yea some of them on here they sleep through anything yea me no i'm waiting to have a new cannula in now gains give up x

Can I recommend you make sure they tell you the name of the infection, and write it down, together with the antibiotics given. This may come in useful later on.

Tracy you are so positive and as someone said earlier you always think of others before yourself. Well we are all thinking about you and wish you a speedy recovery and lots of love. Wish we could all visit you and cheer you up. Lots of love and hugs xxxxxx

How are feeling Tracey?? Hope you are in recovery and stable. A week ago I caught the common cold, and as usual ended up at the emergency walk in clinic Friday evening. Spend three days just propped up in bed. Put on 5 days course Prednisolone. Today I managed to actually get up, and shuffle about a bit. Still wheezing but, my crackle and pop I call it has almost gone. I must admit this one scared me pretty bad, I could feel it coming on, but it was so quick, and I was so wiped out with the cold symptoms. Its scary isn't it. Back to doctors tomorrow , only had to go on my neb twice today, so things are improving. I so hope you are feeling better, and out of the wood?

Hi fingers crossed u get through it with out no admissions , no I've had rough day went for a shower this morning and ended up calling the. It's as couldn't breathe she brought the oxygen into me so sat for a while puffing on it and today been two hourly nebs both types and just had my two hourly ones and a extra one as breathing not great tonight nurse said going to call doc if it didn't ease up don't know what's going on with me don't when I b home meant to b beginning of week but not looking hopeful, hope u feeling better x

I must tell you about what happened to me when I went into the hospital shower. I was in the shower room finishing my wash, when I looked down at my feet, and saw blood, and more blood, then I looked up and found a stream of blood coming out of my arm. There was blood everywhere, I pulled the cord, but no nurse came, and the blood, so much. Me, panicking, dashed(well shuffled) out of the shower room, blood still streaming out, crying help. Eventually a nurse came. The tubing had come away from the Cannula. The patient in the opposite bed asked me if I was trying to make a murder scene. The reason the nurses did not come was because the same thing was happening to a man in the next side ward, who had Dementia as well as respiratory problem. They had received a batch of faulty cannula, that could not take the pressure, and were starting to 'pop' everywhere. The film, Murder in Ward 5 will be out shortly....The nurse said that although it looked a lot,there wasn't that much blood really. It amused me and the patient opposite for days, thinking about the lost chance as no cameras around!

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