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Adult Asthma - a cure?

Hi my name is Chris. I am 53, active sporty when younger. Diagnosed with adult asthma. Can asthma in adults be cured?

A significant amount of my time is spent talking (business owner) here in the UK. I also spend 10 weeks or so in Africa (at altitude) a year. When I am in Africa, the Asthma is worse.

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Currently there is no cure for asthma though you never know what will happen in the future. However it can often be completely controlled with meds and inhalers if you have mild asthma. If brittle or other kinds of asthma then it can be much more difficult to control it. x

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Have you spoken to anyone else who lives out there with Asthma? What affect does the altitude have on your oxygen level? Also, humidity makes a lot of difference. I am always worse in summer in the UK when the humidity is high. It also could be that you have developed an allergy to something plants, or animals there that we don't get here.

I would discuss it with your Asthma Nurse. It maybe that the GP could give you some extra medication to take or keep to take if you get bad out there.

Air conditioners can be a menace, as they can dry the air up so much, that can make it difficult to breathe. Can I recommend you get a small weather station to take with you? Battery operated clock with hygrometer. They show time, date, air pressure and humidity levels. If the air pressure is lower than the air in your lungs, this will also affect you. You will just have to come down from the altitude. Can you reorganise things so your exposure to altitude is less? Can anyone else help you? You do not want to end up damaging your lungs.


No, it can't be cured but it can be managed well. You need to speak to an asthma nurse, but if you have private health insurance you may be able to speak to a consultant about the best way to deal with it for you. Individuals have very different experiences of asthma, so you have to find the one regime that suits you. Good luck!


Hi Chris..I don't think it gets any better with age sorry..may be the climate doesn't agree with you in Africa or you are allergic to plants etc there..I would go for allergy testing to make sure..Hope you find the right medication to make your life easier. Take care xx


Vitamin D3 helps asthma cdbread. You might even be low or deficient in vitamin D.

85% are low or deficient in vitamin D and most do not know.


Asthma is a set of symptoms. Asthma can have a number of causes. Unfortunately, the medical tendency is to call something with a particular set of symptoms asthma and you enter in a treatment regime of one size fits all.

Asthma can be a brain problem where the brain loses the ability to properly control the breathing muscles. The muscles then cause all sorts of irritating problems. Here you need to relearn what better breathing is. Alexander Technique, McTimony chiropractic, massage and yoga will be helpful in the process of re-learning what the brain has forgotten. These techniques may not cure the problem but they will make the problem a lot easier to manage.

Diet may play a part. You hint at this when you say it is worse in Africa than the UK. The thinner air at altitude suggests you are making more effect with your muscles to breathe. Poor muscle coordination sets off the asthma attack.

As we get older we begin to lose the fine muscle control we had when we were younger. Unfortunately we also assume that what we could do in our twenties is what we can do in our 50s. It is worth finding time to study and develop movement skills. I am talking movement skills not sport endurance. The two are different.

Hope this helps.


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