Nasty cough

so I have the dreaded cough that is doing the rounds at the moment and started coughing green stuff yesterday and have started my pred and antibiotics, however I keep reading that antibiotics dont work for this bug.

Bit confused by this as I'm always told that if I start to cough yellow or green stuff I should start my recsue packs.

has anyone else had this and if yes did your rescue pack help


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  • I started with a nasty cold on New Year's Day a couple of days later I started coughing up green lumps and my peak flow had dropped into amber so I started my rescue pack of preds and antibiotics! By the time I had finished my rescue pack I was feeling a lot better - was still a bit snotty but peak flow had improved and chest improved too!! My husband started the same days as me with the cold but it took him an extra week and a half to get over it. It appeared like the preds and antibiotics made a huge difference to me. When I visited asthma nurse she said I'd done the right thing!

    I think you did the right thing...hopefully you feel better soon!


  • hi thanks for your reply I'm glad your rescue pack helped I'm hoping mine will to

  • Hi Lejaya. I had the horrible bug over Christmas and New Year and it took two lots of antibiotics and over two weeks of steroids before it finally cleared up. I'm still not 100% better as I still feel like a piece of chewed string, but so much better than I was as my peak flow had dropped by over 30% and I spent a few evenings sitting up watching tv as I couldn't breathe properly when I was lying down! I'm glad you started taking your rescue med's when you did. I trust you will soon be much better 😊

  • I started with this on new years eve and today is the first day that I feel relatively normal, I have asthma but no rescue pack at home so I ended up in A&E where they gave me doxycycline and steroids, 7 days worth, they did offer me a bed but I declined and they let me home providing I went to my GP in 2 days.

  • Dreaded coughs during the rounds is caused by a virus. So antibiotics is of no use what so ever. However, you can get a bacterial infection because of the existence of the pre-existing condition. The green stuff suggests you have a bacterial infection.

    Cannot say more than what I have said.

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