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Anyone on Novartis QVM 149 asthma Trial? (Phase 3)

I'm intrested to know if anyone on these boards is on this trial for a new triple therapy and how they are finding it?

It is basically testing A laba lama ics combination inhaler. The drugs in the laba and lama are currently only licensed for copd (ultibro breezhaler) but this trial is to see if they are good for asthma when an inhaled steroid is added.

My consultant has just changed all my drugs to a cocktail that resembles the trial. With a few extra add ons. This is a huge shake up for me and hoping it will work, but a bit nervous to try all these new drugs when old ones worked most of time. But consultant was unhappy with high doses of steroids that I was using.

Anyway thanks for reading


Ps happy new year

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You are doing a trial. Does this mean that you might be on a placebo? You need to ask the consultant this.


I'm not on the trial, but the drugs I have just been prescribed are the same cocktail as the trial, but 2 separate inhalers rather than one tri-haler. Two of drugs are currently only licensed for Copd, I have difficult brittle asthma. The trial is to see if they are good for asthma.


Thanks for the reply. It might be worth seeing an Alexander technique teacher. They can help make your breathing easier by helping you have a better posture and having better fine control of your muscles.


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