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Getting to used to prednisolone?

I have been on prednisolone now since the end of summer 2015 - 40mg a day for eight days sees me ok for four or five weeks.

Or it did. I notice now that it doesn't seem to have the same effect that it used to - I am still coughing and using my inhaler, which was something that never happened previously.

I can only assume my body is getting too used to the stuff.

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Hi that sounds a long time to be on pred. I have never heard of anyone taking it for 8 days then not again for 4/5 weeks. Most people I know on pred are on a low maintenance dose every day. x

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I've found the same with pred. After 40+ years of numerous 2-3 week courses at doses of 40mg or more, and years on a maintenance dose, it no longer makes much difference to my breathing. Plus it's permanently killed off my adrenal glands.

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Wow go back to the respiratory unit and get them to check your adrenal glands..

Take care xx


Have you discussed with your Doctor the option of increasing your inhaled steroids to see if doing so would allow you to gradually reduce your pred? At least the inhaled steroids go direct to the lung. Havn't a clue what Inhaled Dosage you may be on at present, but it might be that a bigger dose - for example only - 500mcg (note mcg NOT mg) or perhaps even higher, twice a day would benefit - especially in combo with a LABA Inhaler? (Always with the intention of reducing or eliminating one or both as soon as any decent level of improvement is achieved).

Maybe also discuss changing your steroid Inhaler to see if an alternative works better?

Results from increasing an inhaled steroid or switching to alternative inhaled steroid would probably not be 'instant' and my understanding is that you'd therefore need to be patient for several weeks before concluding whether such a move was beneficially.


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