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Breathing Difficulties - any one else suffering

Good Morning all

other the past 3 months I have had problems with my breathing and after trips to the hospital and GP I am always advised I have 'an infection' and have courses of Antibiotics and Steroids.

The effects last around 2-3 weeks and then the 'infection' comes back

I am now at a point where I struggle with getting air into my lungs ( feels restricted) for a good 2 hours every morning . some days I get through it and others it results in an attack

I have missed days at work and social events due to this but now I am getting worried

TO put into perspective I trained and ran the marathon this year, now I struggle to get dressed some mornings !!

I am waiting an appointment to see chest specialist

Just wondered if anyone else has the same symptoms ?

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Hi John

Unfortunately it is quite common among asthmatics..I hope you have an appointment soon..maybe there is an infection lingering on and you are not getting the right antibiotic, maybe you need to have a good asthma check up and preventative treatment so you are not getting to the inflammation and exacerbation stage..

Did you give a ring to Asthma UK, if not you will find it very useful.

Take care and let us know how you are getting on.


Ask yr gp to update yr urgent so u can been seen faster by consultant and get investigated abd helped. if u hav inflammation u might need steriods. Didbu get chest xray to.diagnose ur chest infections. Any further infections leave in sputum sample to be tested. I had several infections and antiobotics like yrself and after several tests was diagnosed asthma. Hope u get sorted since asthma is so restrictive on yr lifestyle.

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Hi John I used to have 4/5 chest infections every year and chronic asthma for 40 years . several years ago I started taking proteolytic enzyme capsules ( asthma improved ) but 2 years ago I combined them with 14 billion probiotic capsules. No chest infections since & no asthma, Not cheap but at 72 I got my life back. I now run/walk/cycle distances I could have only dreamed of a few years ago. Good luck with your quest to conquer this pesky condition.


It's strange it just appeared like that, do you have mold in your house? many people on here i see posting i feel has mold induced asthma and any human being or animal can become allergic to all molds or certain molds, some can be very poisenious and cause you to become ill, cause infertiliy problems, stomach pains, diareah, acid relux and IBS and the worst kinds can kill you. I have a mold allergy too and had mold induced asthma as a kid till i took antibiotic stereioids which even cured the asthma and it can because they don't just inhibit the inflamitory responses of infections but allergies too, although it may not work on everyone sadly, now since moving back to england i have mold induced conjustivitus, if it's that inhalers may not do a thing, if it's not and it's making things this bad you may want to consider moving to some where without mold or buy a couple medium sized HEPA Filters to help keep the air clean. As i kid i had a chest infection too, why i took the antibiotic stereioids, they can last a long time and inhalers tend to weaken the immune system significantly so your prone to bad colds and chest infections, my chest infected lasted for 1 year till i got better treatment.


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