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I'm new here, and so glad to find I'm not the only one who has CVA. After reading many of your posts I feel very fortunate that my symptoms are relatively mild. It started 2 1/2 years ago when we moved to a new area. I was sick as a dog, coughing til I threw up, landed in the emergency room several times, and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. I thought I was allergic to some the trees in the area, and was diagnosed with everything from bronchial pneumonia to GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), but finally, my specialist used the words "asthma that manifests with cough only". He keeps prescribing inhalers, which don't work on me, (but he refuses to accept that. LOL) Mine has settled down to coughing fits to rid my throat of phlegm, which worsens when I lie down at night and when I first get up in the morning. I have found the lowly cough drop to be my best friend at these times. Like I said, I'm very lucky my symptoms have settled down to more of an annoyance than anything else. I'm wondering if this will get progressively worse as I get older, or if there will be flare ups followed by mellow symptoms. I am assuming I will never be rid of the mucous that sits at the top of my throat...that feeling never completely goes away.

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  • Hi symptoms don't have to get worse as you get older. Mine haven't. My asthma is still at the same level it was many years ago but as I continued smoking, stupidly, I was diagnosed with mild copd as well 8 years ago too. Don't forget that as you age conditions can get harder to cope with than when you are young. x

  • Hi.. Welcome to the group. My symptoms were very similar to yours. No inhaler worked very well, in fact the particles in them just set off my cough. Lots of phlegm to cough up & I was always clearing my throat. I also have mild COPD (non-smoker). Last year I was prescribed a white inhaler (Flutiform) and montelucast at night, I also began taking a generic allergy pill daily. Gradually my symptoms have improved. I think it's just about finding what works for you, don't give up hope. Also, don't diminish the annoyance factor.. If it gets in the way of you leading your life (and throwing up every time you have a coughing fit does) it becomes more than annoying.

  • Hi, I have had my first bad flare up recently after being diagnosed around 5 years ago with exercise induced asthma. I am now having phlegm just tickling in my throat and this flare up started and has continued with coughing so I will look into this. I am now mainly having a tight chest but am still on prednisolone for the current flate up. I don't know if you have tried steamibg or a salt pipe at all, you could look into whether those might help you.

  • It sound to me like post nasal drip which could be caused by an allergic reaction in your nose/sinuses. Antihistamines and/or nasal spray may help a lot!! Don't put up with nasal drip can make asthma symptoms worse...go back to the doctors and explain your symptoms.

    Good Luck

  • As I was reading the OP, I started to think post nasal drip. My GP (who has an interest in respiratory problems) tried treating me for silent reflux but I did not improve. She then tried me on Montelucast and I was getting worse. This made me realise that I had mucus behind my nose. A light went on in her head and she put me on Beconase about six weeks ago. I hadn't realised that my sinuses were congested until they started to clear.

    I still have asthma but the dreadful mucus problem has reduced. In the mornings, as I became active, I used to have to go to the bathroom to cough it up. It was clear, not green.

    My sinuses are slightly uncomfortable but I am due to return to see her but, of course, I have been unable to get an appointment!

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