bye symbicort hello seretide

hi everyone! Ive been using symbicort for 6months now as a maintenance. Lately, Ive been having trouble looking for it at the pharmacy, they dont have a stock often, just this morning I talked to my Gp about so he prescribed me to use seretide as a substitute. Any advice of the techniques or any side effects you experienced or maybe good thing about this med among those who used it will be appreciated. Thanks and hope you're all doing well.😍

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  • I use seretide 250 mg (twice a day) and the only thing I can get is oral thrush and that's easy treated. This only my second winter with moderate asthma and it kept me really well last year. (December-March). I started it in October this year at 125 mg but after my asthma attack last week I was advised to double it. It takes about 5-7 days to become effective and this is my 5 day and I feeling really well.

  • Have you tried taking it through a spacer (volumatic) ?? then brush your teeth straight after .

  • Always use an Aerochamber to inhale seretide and use it for ventolin. I brush my teeth and rinse my mouth out. Sometimes I don't and that's when I can pick it up.

  • thanks dear, how do you get rid of the thrush?

  • Getting rid of thrush is easy you can buy a mouth gel that treat oral ttrust. Put a bit on tongue three times a day after meals til it's gone and continue for 7 days after that.

  • Hi Eds, in the UK they are changing people to DuoResp as it's cheaper. You can argue the case to the GP of it worsens your asthma and I've just been put back on Symbicort. I have been on seretide in the past and it did work for a while. It had different ingredients to Symbicort but it's a long acting combination inhaler. It comes in a standard type of inhaler called an MDI or a disk type. I preferred the one shaped like Ventolin to use through a spacer /volumatic which will help reduce chances of oral thrush. Rinse your mouth with water after taking them reduces this. The medication to treat oral thrush is Nystatin oral solution which are just administered through little drops, via a dropper just on your tongue. It's tastes OK. I've been doing some breathing exercises from you tube and am going to see a physio for respiratory issues hopefully. I hope the change of inhaler doesn't affect you asthma as it seems quite well controlled. There are about 4/5 combination inhalers now, Symbicort, seretide, fostair, DuoResp, Relvar Ellipta. I hope you're OK, nothing much different here. Catch up soon xxxx

  • Ive been doing fine with seretide. Honestly I think it works better than symbicort for me. My asthma is much more controlled and I'm more confident now than when I used symbicort, its more easy to use too. take care matti. xxx thanks for the advice

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