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Mums with severe asthma

Are other having problems with steroid medication treatment for their asthma inflammation symptoms. I have to.go on prednisolene for over half of the year as i have several.severe asthma bouts each year resulting in emergency ambulance trips and hospitalisations. I have seen a chest consultant at hospital chest clinic the past 9 on seretide 500 preventer and montelukast but still get very ill each year for weeks on end with it..nebulisers etc. I used to tolerate steroid meds well a few years back..40mg for 3 weeks or so then cone off over 2-3 it takes me months to get off prednisolene..the withdrawal side effects are extremely bad and have me housebound and bedbound alot of the time..muscle weakness and tremors sonetimes to the point of almost collapse, horrible sweats, nasty flu like symptoms temperatures and awful.pains especially tummy cramps. I am.on a reduction programme just now since hospitalisation at the beginning of september. Asthma takes over my life and makes me very low and anxious..i syrughle with issies also and fibromyalgua, ibs and mobility issues(osteoarthritis). Its very tough im a mum with a 7 year old and 12 year old. I struggle every day and have to use childcare alot for my wee boy and rely partner as a carer for me too..tho.he works fulltime. How do other mums cope?.i dont have family nearby out either. Advice and support appreciated thanks xx

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I am a mum with severe asthma too. I have 4 kids, 15 year old girl twins (1 is autistic), another girl 13 and a 7 year old boy. I started out with quite uneventful allergic asthma and it seemed to get worse with each pregnancy. Diagnosed with severe persistent a couple of years ago I'm now on revlar elipta 184/22, zafirlukast (was on montelukast but this works better for me), fexofenadine, omeprazole and I have been on and off steroids tablets all summer. I have a home nebuliser which really helps and a wee handbag one too. My older kids all know how to work the neb and how to use my epipen. As a mum I feel so bad that they feel they need to know how to do these things and I do hate how much they worry when I am ill.

I've not got any very useful tips sadly, I try to upbeat with friends and family about my asthma and I am lucky that I have lots of people around me who want to help. There are lots of people as well tho who I'm sure think 'it's only asthma, take your blue inhaler and get on with it... Which is frustrating !!

My kids all have asthma too, my youngest struggles quite a lot in the summer. We have a lovely GP tho and that helps.

I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful, sometimes it is good to feel less alone with it all.

Hope someone comes along who is more helpful

Emily xxx

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I don't know if my asthma is classed as severe or not, but I do get ill an awful lot and was in hospital again two days after the start of the new school year! I have a 10 year old son who likely has Aspergers (he is currently being assessed) and an 8 year old girl. I don't have any family around either. I am self employed and my husband isn't always available to help. I have come to realise I have to look after myself first. I sleep when I need to sleep. My husband likes tea at 5, but he has gotten used to the fact that I can't start cooking till I have a rest first after the school run and homework. I have hired a cleaner (a friend really) to clean thge bathrooms and kitchen once a week and do tge hoovering. This allows me to focus on other things. We can't really afford it but I can't do without. My husband knows he has to help out more but he isn't perfect. Having supportive friends also helps. Remember, you can't be there for your kids if you don't take care of yourself. I hope you feel a bit better soon. x

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I have serve asthma am in and out of hospital. I have two boys one with Aspergers, My consultant put me on a low daily dose of steriods a few years back thar helped for a bit not going up and down with the sreriods,

As a mum I try to work out what inportant and then ignore the rest. I sleep when I need and things don't get done. I batch cook when i have the energy and freeze meals. My kids know where my inhaler are and when to call for help. I know that if I don't put my health first I end up spending more time in hospital not good for me or the kids.

Have you spoken to your GP to see if there is any help you can get?

I hope you feel better soon


Hello I have to taper down my pred by 5mg every two/three days and sometimes have a landing, that means I stay on that dosage if I feel side of luck xx


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