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Dealing with air conditioning

How do people deal with air conditioning in office spaces? What can you deal with and how do you liase with the people whose premises your on? I am currently sitting in an room with lots of people no air made me reach for my ventolin 4 puffs and now air conditioning is on still suffering sore chest. Asthma has been re active this last week outsi if ever a lot and was up once last night. Advice please

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Rang asthma UK when I got out of there. Doing my asthma plan as per advice and will be in drs at 8th tomorrow to get appointment. Had to not do brownies tonight being sensible. Bit annoyed as this is 3 attack in 7 wks. Chest is easy with prednisone. But had a fab weekend with my brownies taking them to PGL the first time for some small 7/8 year olds. Happy brownies happy leaders


Been to doctors sit and wait appointment with lovely knew doctor who was very through and check me over. Listened to my chest, blood pressure and oxygen levels all good. Doctor though I need to step up my medication doubling my preventive. The doctor looked at the stepwise plan which didn't seem clear revised edition

2015 The doctor is going to speak to the asthma nurse who will advise me by phone.

6 more days on presinolone (yuck!) hoping side effects of sleep disturbance. Taken second dose now. Chest little achy.


On my third day of my rescue steroids slept really well last night until about 4:47 am sleep on and off til the alarm went off at 6 am. I took my seretide when I got up at 6:30 am and then my Ventolin every 4 hourly. I been out and about this morning chest is a little achy and been coughing a little.

Went to the doctors when I realize I didn't have quite enough steroid tablets to finish my course one tablet short! So had to go back to doctors today to get some more. Can't get a follow up appointment on next Tuesday as Doctors fully booked. I finish my course on Sunday so I going to see what I like without it for one day. Then if I need to I can go to doctors on Tuesday when they open and get myself an appointment at the open surgery. I doing this just to make sure that I am fully recovered.

Still waiting for my call from my asthma nurse.


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