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Lungs aren't happy

Dear All

Now the weather is really turning wintry, cold and wet. My lungs aren't happy and I have notice a slow progression of my symptoms i.e. chest hurting. I on 125 mg of Seretide down from 250 mg last year dose for the winter. I have had to resort to my inhaler four times in the last week.

I am a leader of brownie unit and we going away at the weekend to PGL. So going to be outside alot doing activities. Any advice please? Could I possible double my preventer of seretide back up to last year dosage? Going to book doctors appointment tomorrow for advice. Thank you God for online appointments.

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I hope that your doctor is able to help and that you feel better soon. Take care.


Hope you're feeling better soon. This cold weather doesn't do a lot of good for our lungs x


Hi all back from doctors ch chest clear advised to hourly puffs of ventolin. Concerns a laid by a lovely soft spoken new doctor. Roll on PL.

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I hope you start to feel better soon.


Thankyou taking my next dose now. ventolin doesnt taste so bad.


Hi what I find helps in the winter is to use a scarf (or a buff) tied loosely round my nose and mouth. You want a lightweight one which still allows you to breathe. It is important that the air going into your lungs is warm as cold air will affect you. Try to nose breathe as much as possible. x


YEP! already doing my I am a highway man stand and deliver. Photo would be too scary


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