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Message between Jolaughton74 and A_2017

Hi All, New to the forum. My nearly 6 year old son suffers from Asthma.... From 2 1/2 this was simply put down to a viral wheeze!! But...After various episodes, OOH/hospital visits and ambulance for attack last year he was finally given a preventer inhaler and continue with his ventolin as required.

Summer is trouble free but as usually September brings on the wheeze. We have had s few one of short steroid bursts for 3 days which does the trick.

All this time we have never been advised of having an action plan. I asked after a GP visit today.... He has had a troublesome weekend and now on another 3 day steroid supply. I asked today if we were able to have s spare supply for home should future events arise.... Hoping this would avoid struggles and time off school!!! But told No he needs to be seen each time..... We all no the hassle of getting through 111 weekend scenarios!! 😤😤.

Our Dr's have always been faultless but felt today a little bemused by my response to asking!

Any thoughts

Thank you


Jolaughton74 an hour ago

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It's frustrating, but I can see that they would want to assess a child before doling out steroids. What they don't get is that mums quickly become better than them at assessing their child's condition. I would suggest you keep pushing, subtly. Ask for a proper review with an asthma nurse to get an action plan in place (if there's a good one, ours are useless) or with a consultant at the chest clinic. Get a detailed action plan. At 6 he's old enough to start peak flows and that will be useful, keeping a diary. They should be able to talk you through all of this. At the very least try booking a double appointment with the GP to go over all of this and hopefully the next time you will be able to spot the decline quicker than A&E and steroids. Or ring Asthma uk. They are very good too.

Hope he's feeling better too and you get some answers.


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Thank you so much,

Great advice of which I will follow through.

He does now have the hang of doing a peak flow, so will be sure to monitor this on a regular basis.

The only obvious triggers he has is when he has a cold.

You never like to question your GP but at the same time when you have seen several over time and they all have conflicting views it makes things rather confusing.

All I want to do is the best for my Son and like you say prevent a real decline.

Thank you for asking, yes he is feeling much better, back to school today after an undisturbed nights sleep. Although rather "bouncy"from the steroids 😊

Many Thanks again

Joanne x


Good I am glad. Bouncy! I know how that feels. Can only imagine it in a kid! Hide the Halloween Haribo, would only make it worse lol!

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