Hi I'de like to introduce my self, I'm Jane 56 wife ,mother of four ,Nanny to four.I was diagnosed years ago with Asthma but never really had to us e my inhaler ever. The last couple of months I seem to need it all the time and it doesn't seem to be working. I'm seeing a specialist soon so hope to get some where. I can't take steroids at all so it is going to be very hard I recon managing it :( Still I'm sure I will. Lovely to have some where to get help from .

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  • are we allowed to know why you can't take steroids, however horrible they are they work

  • I have Lyme disease and Steroids are a very big no . If my already shot immune system is depleted even more (i.e. steroids) I could go back to square one of being very ill .

  • Hi & welcome. As MDFrost says it would be good to know what the barrier to steroids is (the main preventer inhalers are all steroid inhalers; albeit a much lower dose than the tablets).

    At this stage it sounds very much as though an asthma management plan would be the way forward for you. If you can get onto a preventer inhaler that is likely to see you feeling much better. If there are other complications though let us know, particularly regarding steroid use.

  • I have been given Tilade as its a non steroid preventer but the doctors reaction was one of I don't think it will help but .... It has never even been suggested to me about a plan the first I heard of such a thing was on here !! If you look up Lyme and steroids you'll see the reaction by all to them .

  • I can see you're in a tricky position as steroids are really the primary treatment for asthma in one form or another. I think the specialist will be best placed to advise on the way forward as your situation is obviously unusually complex.

    Good luck :-)

  • Yeo thats me always unusually complex :) I'm sure one way or another Ill get on top of it . Thank You .

  • Hi again; I just saw your other post about Lyme Disease so understand about the steroids. Obviously a consultant will be able to make a judgement far more effectively than a quick Google scan, but having looked quickly I think it might not automatically contraindicate inhaler use & possibly not even prednisolone, depending on when you first contracted it.

    Good luck anyway & I hope you can make progress.

  • I have glaucoma and my eye consultant says it is okay to use steroids short term i.e. five days when I have a chest infection but anything long term will raise eye pressure. Steroids and antibiotics are the only thing that work for me when I have a chest infection and five days on steroids will clear it up. I would check with your consultant as I am sure it will be safe to take them short term.

  • Thank you for your reply ,sadly not :( even a very small amount will allow the Lyme bacteria Borrellla to multiply faster . Its so frustrating . I see my consultant next week so will be interested to see what he has a to say.Every LLD ( lyme literate DR) will tell you run as fast as you can away from steroids at all cost.

  • Omg I am sorry but you and your consultant know best. I hate taking the steroids as I am scared of my eye pressure raising but nothing else works. I usually take them for three days and if that works along with antibiotics I stop them but if not I continue for another two days. Luckily I only have to take them about 2/3 times a year xx

  • IT is a bit worrying but well have too wait and see how I get on with the Tilade preventer ? I''m keeping everything crossed.

  • Good luck. Please let us know xx

  • Thank you I will.

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