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Asthma Review

So back from asthma review with five star asthma nurse. Went through my last reviewed my last 6 meMonths and last 3 weeks. Agreed on lower dose of of seseretide to 125 mg was offered a different inhaler power one which acts faster but I concluded that although good and not good at breathing in holding. New ones cheaper and faster acting cheaper too. Don't Like Costing NHS money BUT as My Asthma Nurse its Personally perferenc Cw. Had to do the peak flow meter hit 480 I'm really good at the moment. Still on going with my monkelaust and had to show using my EVO chamber Got all nervous Oh had another nurse looking at what my asthma nurse does. Back to see her (name's Louise (, I competented Louise on her care if I postcode lottery then I hit the jackpot.

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Very jealous lol, glad your review went well!

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Hi I'm told the asthma nurse that people on the asthma forum wanted my asthma nurse and practise. Gave her five star review on friends and family test on the nhs family and friends reviews

Lousie the nurse commented that it could be used on her valuation. If wish I'd could photo copy her for you all. It believe if we are form but polite things can change. Asthma has taught me to be brave, polite but firm.

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