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Xolair under NHS


Is it possible to have Xolair under the NHS? Is there a criteria to meet? I am anaphylactic and have a peanut and tree nut allergy but with my severe asthma I am on theophylline. Would I be able to start xolair?

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I don't know but hope someone who has some idea will be along soon.

Yes it is available I started on it two yrs ago but was took off of it after four months as it made my asthma worse.....was just unlucky! Speak with yr asthma consultant, it's a strict criteria to be assessed for xolair hope you are successful☺

Sorry it didn't work for you. x

As below not for everyone and strict criteria

Yes you can have Xolair on the NHS. There is strict criteria to receive it though. You would also need to be under a specialist asthma service. You also need to meet about half a dozen other criteria.

As others have said it's available on NHS. It's a very expensive treatment and strict criteria apply. Good luck.

As I am already on quiet a range of medications - could some one please let me know a brief overview of the criteria? I am under the care of a consultant and i am keen to explore this route at my next appointment.

I'm on xolair with nhs royal Brompton and it has turned my life around, still have chest infections once or twice a year necessitating hosp nebs and Iv steroids then back on Pred for four weeks but no more resuss touch wood and have only been admitted for one night rather than the week which used to be the norm. No side affects either

I was put on a two month trial - you need to have allergy tests and ige measured etc

I was in the Brompton for 5 days being assessed - came out with a cpap as well and my medications were selected to suit my test results - feeling so much better than the dreadful 2014

Can't praise the Brompton highly enough


I am on xolair and theophylline. There is a criteria for being on xolair, ige, steroid use in past few years, what you have used for allergies, admissions, lung function, allergy tests etc.

I've been on it a year and a half and as stated above it has also changed my life. I'm on the max dose due to having extremely high allergy levels and my height and weight. I got put on it while I was still under paeds because the only other option was going to a hospital two hours away for a course of treatment that according to the specialist at the time wouldn't have ended well for me. I know the criteria is super tight and my consultants originally didn't think I'd match it. I was 1 of 2 people under paeds having it and now 1 of 42 in adults so it's pretty selective and it doesn't always work for everyone. It's super expensive though, I never tell anyone that though cos mine adds up to £26,000 a year.

Talk to your consultant though, Good luck with it all

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