Life threatening acute asthma

Hi, I'm new to the site. I have asthma for 2yrs now. I have been hospitalised by ambulance 3times in 18mths. Last Friday being my most recent. I was discharged yesterday. I have brittle severe asthma and was rushed to resus last Friday. They 'thru the kitchen sink at me for hrs and I was not responding - I've magnesium/potassium/ventolin/cortisone and more besides. I ended up having to be externally ventilated by a bipap mask/machine. ICU for 24hrs Coronory care for further 24hrs and spent the rest of nine days barely able to walk and couldn't talk.

My first night home last night I'm still wakening up and having to use nebuliser as well as prescribed it 4times a day, two prevent inhalers, rescue inhaler, tabs at night. I live a lone and wondered if anyone else had similar above experience. Feeling a little over whelmed. Be safe and thank you

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  • One thing you aren't is alone we are here for you. Just keep posting and we shall response we

  • Thank you for responding. I was feeling really overwhelmed on discharge. Nervous. But a few days further away from the dreadful experience and with new routine and I'm feeling 'little' more confident again. Neighbours and friends and family are great but they all need to go home to their lives.

  • Phone the helpline and speak to an asthma nurse they will let you know what you can expect and do to help manage

  • I will do thank you for suggestion

  • Oliva there is a great article on asthma uk website talking about what happens after being discharge from hospital including how you feel. Very helpful. Be kind to yourself you need to give yourself permission to rest. Yes the rest of the world will be going on being normality. But thats good it gives comfort that life goes on. It just you feel disconnected from life. I kind know how you feel. I am recovering too from an asthma attack. Had two now in 4 days. Recovery time is different for every one. For me its the very sore chest this time. I hope and pray that your mind has peace as well as your physical healing. Anmen

  • Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I feel like I have been stampled on by herd of elephants at the minute. My chest is very painful but thankful to be alive thanks to paramedics/resus team. I am glad I found this site as it helps me talk to people who know and understand.

    Very grateful and thanks again

  • Your are very welcome

  • Wow! What an experience. Can't help but hope you can manage things OK. Keep posting this is a great place to have a rant if you want or just "think out loud"

    Take care. X

  • Hi, I'm home a week now from hospital and while it's been a long week I'm doing ok. Finally stopped crying and shock wearing off thank goodness. I seen my asthma nurse yesterday and she said she can do no more. I'm on the maximum of medication and doing everything right and as advised. I have a lot of life adapting to do apparently but for now rest rest rest. They have said the best I can hope for is to get the use of nebs to twice daily. I start pulmonary rehab in a few weeks. I possibly have copd on top. 😡I never smoked and was always so health aware (mental health nurse by trade, or was until few months ago) I haven't been able to get more than 4hrs sleep at night as I'm having to sit up. I have advanced arthritis of the spine and need to lie flat lol lol lol lol

    Bonkers all this 🤔😄😄

    Thanks for all the gentle words and encouragement. Love the site.

  • Oh goodness. I too find it hard to sleep sitting up but don't have painful arthritis to remind me of the fact. I wonder would it help if you raised the head of the bed by putting "elephant feet" or even bricks under the legs? Don't suppose that would raise you enough? Ah, there is always something isn't there. If you aren't managing to get enough sleep at night then you need to rest during the day as much as you can. It is awful not getting enough sleep. Take care x

  • Oh goodness I didn't think of that! It's worth a try. Shopping for blocks asap loll sorry for whinging my sense of humour is creeping thru confusion lol

    Thanks again🙂

  • Hope it will help.

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