Dont worry I won't not have meds !!!!

Hi guys thank you for your support I know I said I kinda don't want to have nebs in hospital so I can go home don't worry I'm not gonna not have them as for one I know I need them but for two I'm so fed up keep being admitted especially when drs say that's good NO WHEEZE!!!yet my chest feels like some has belt round my chest and rather than loosening it they tighten it.Ventolin does not help in inhaler but nebuliser does.At the moment I'm off oxygen apart from brief spell needed yesterday. I'm still on Ipratropian 500 twice a day and Salbutamol nebulisers as required and think have to be off nebs 24 hours before home so if drs come tomorrow and stop nebs still gonna be Tues?? Peak flow now up to 260 post neb😃was 170😏 Will update when I know xx

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  • It is good that your peak flow has started to improve.

    Good luck with your recovery.

  • My chest is a silent chest but that can mean it is worse so listen to what they say to you or you will only end up back in

  • They don't say silent chest but agree that is not good,what is frustrating is that I rarely wheeze so drs say that's good no wheeze. Today consultant said so when are we thinking of home as I said that's down to them . Have suggested tomorrow so that's plan all being well.

  • I know how you feel.... which is why I try and get up and exercise even a little bit.. to show I am getting better....even if its just a short walk...I use nebs at home too...I used to go to hospital very regularly... but not so much now I have my own neb....I do take all my meds, there are times I need a little extra help with steroids and occasionally if its another chest infection, antibiotics.. if they don't help, then its back to hospital... hate going in, but it has to be done ... good luck and I hope you feel much better soon x

  • Keep suggesting nebs for home but cos my asthma goes years no problems then will flare up and become very serious very quickly so they won't do constantly up and down to the loo and over to sink to wash cup but can only do short distances because of the fact u am o two crutches permanently

  • I'm glad you would take the meds. This definitely makes me think doctors need a lot more training in asthma and how it can present then they currently do, because having a wheeze is not the only symptom of asthma.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

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