Restoring gut health after antibiotics

So I know this is a wee bit off topic, but I figured lots of you, like me, probably take antibiotics fairly regularly and might have some helpful suggestions.

I last had antibiotics in April. Since then my stool has been pretty loose. Up to now, I've always recovered pretty well from antibiotics, but I think this time I'll need a bit of help!

Has anyone tried probiotics either in pill or yoghurt form or anything else that has worked to improve digestion? I'd really welcome some advice as I also feel quite bloated.

I do keep carbs and sugar low as a matter of course and have a varied diet with lots of veg, fruit and pulses, plus fish and dairy.

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  • It may be an old wives tale but I was once advised to drink lots of milk. I've never suffered with antibiotics apart from once when I had a gland infection. I was told that with the antibiotic they gave me that I shouldn't drink alcohol. No problem I thought, after all I'm teetotal. What I didn't know was that my Fostair inhaler has a trace of alcohol in it. Whoops!

  • Sorry, I should have said to drink the milk while you are on the antibiotics.

  • Well, worth a try, I like milk so I'll up my intake next time I'm on antibiotics, thank you

  • buy kefir is the best. very difficult to find it at shops there is only one who sells it in central london or buy it online.

  • I went to see a dietitian recently regarding stomach problems and was strongly advised by both her and a gastro dr to take a tablet called Biokult - you can buy it from Boots etc. It is fantastic for restoring the right bacteria in your stomach!

    Hope this helps! :)

  • brilliant, thanks I'll give it a try

  • Hi nicolameg, just wanted to let you know I got some Biokult and it worked a treat! I've been away on holiday for a couple of weeks too which is always a dodgy time for digestion, but all has been well. Thanks for the advice :-)

  • So glad to hear it helped :)!

    Nicola x

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