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Ant id regime

Would love some opinions on this please.

Thank you in advance.

Saw consultant about three weeks ago. She s taken me off seretide 4 puffs twice a day. So I am now on Symicort one puff twice a day (previously was on this also)

She said to use Symbicort

She said to follow Smart refine, and X an use four puff of Symicort as first four puff in emergency and follow with ventolin.

For the last week, I have been using four puff every day and often ventolin as well. Should I see GP. Or is this ok. I don't see her again until October. She also said to take antihistamine which I have been doing. I'm getting breathless with minimal exertion.

Not sure how it works with smart regime

Any ideas or thoughts would be welcome


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I was tried on the smart regime which didn't work for me. Symbicort is a combination inhaler with different products inside one is a reliever and one a steroid, exactly like seretide but different ingredients so to speak.

I'm still on symbicort 400 and take 4 puffs a day. They said 2 morning and 2 night by I prefer 4 over the day. I also take 4/5 puffs Ventolin a day but had asthma all my life and I'm 54.

I'm under the respiratory consultant last two years and they did extensive blood tests for Aspergillus and Ige levels which is allergic response rate. Maybe yours is high and yes you should take antihistamines but I think you should see am asthma nurse and tell them symbicort smart regime is not working for you. Good luck x

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Go to your asthma nurse. He/she is your go to maintenance person for advice and support. It will be thought all is well if you don't say otherwise. Don't be afraid to keep phoning for advice or getting an appointment (don't know how your clinic works) you should be seeing a little improvement after a week. Don't worry. Just ring them. Goodluck. Hope this helps


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