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Persistent morning phlem cough

Persistent cough on a morning I wake up I can't breathe well I'm coughing up phlem its horrible, I take strong painkillers for previous broken ankle, had 2 courses of antibiotics, it just won't go something's wrong I know ,I have always had bad anxiety state I can't understand I've stopped smoking so can anyone help please


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Hello, how long ago did you stop smoking? If it's within the past couple of months you'll find that the cough in the morning is just getting rid of the rubbish in your lungs. I stopped almost a year ago and found that I coughed up phlegm for at least 5 months before it stopped. Try sleeping with another pillow as during the night if you have sinus problems it will drip into the back of your throat and that could be another reason for coughin on waking. I also take piriton at night (as it makes me sleepy) and that also helps.

Hope you feel better soon x


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Thanks Stacey I do tend to lie funny at night I'm OK now but mornings are terrible I only quit smoking 2 months ago propperley I gradually quit I thought it was the painkillers I was taking so thanks I'll try what you suggested mark x


Apparently stopping smoking can make you feel quite unwell for a while. I know my husband had his smokers cough every morning for a long while after he gave up - he had smoked for 30 years. The sob and the cough though may indicate an infection. Have you had a sputum sample taken to help find out what is causing the infection and maybe suggest the best antibiotic to use for you?

So glad to hear you stopped smoking. Well Done!


Thankyou, I had 2 courses if anti biotics its got better but not gone I will ask for one of those tests just in case thanks for replying


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I myself, a lifelong asthma sufferer didn't know for years that they could do this - if they can find out exactly what it is and the best antibiotic to use it saves time and suffering and probably money too - though probably cancelled out by the cost of the testing.


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