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Brompton admission queries


My daughter (aged 7) has a planned admission coming up at the Brompton. Just a few queries really..

She's planned for a 2 week admission, can anyone tell me what to expect during this time and what tests to expect??

Also..we will be driving 6 hours to get there and know nothing regarding getting around in London. She had a blue driving to the hospital and parking an option or is this not even thinkable??

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Get a Sat nav that is up to date - the one way systems in London are a nightmare. Borrow one if you don't own one.

Parking for patients and visitors

Royal Brompton Hospital is in a pay-and-display, parking meter zone (street parking).

There is a public car park three minutes' walk away on Sydney Street, near King's Road and managed by CP Plus Parking.

Parking for disabled badge holders

A small number of disabled parking spaces are available in Cale Street, Foulis Terrace, and in front of the main hospital entrance (Sydney wing). Remember to display your disabled badge.

Don't get anxious about what is going to happen as you will transfer that anxiety to your daughter. When you check in, the staff should have a good idea of what will happen or you could try the consultant or his secretary.

I do hope all turns out well for you all.


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