New to Relvar - any advice on possible cough side effect?

Hello, I'm 45 and I've had cough variant asthma for a few years. Previously, I've only had symptoms triggered by a chest infection (not colds). Very recently, I've now got pollen as a trigger I've had very mild hay fever since my 30s, but it's never caused asthma symptoms. I was taking 200mcg clenil modulite twice a day, but my peak flow had dropped from 460 to 240 with the pollen trigger and it seemed the clenil wasn't doing enough, so I asked my GP for if it was time to try something else.

So I now have Relvar and took my 3rd dose today... but I'm worried about coughing with it. It's a common side effect (1 in 10) and my night time cough seems to have increased since I started taking it, and I now have sputum. Is this a coincidence... or possible infection, or could it be the Relvar... it seems very quick for side effects!

I don't want to give up on it too soon, but I need sleep... 6 bad nights in a row.

I don't know if it's relevant, I have previously had Symbicort, which worked fine for a couple of years and but then started to give me leg cramps and you guessed it - increased my cough.

The cough is far worse when lying down (even propped up on pillows. I've been up now for about 30 minutes and had some tea and toast and my cough has stopped. My peak flow reading is 420.

Relvar is pretty new... I can't find any other patient stories, just the official info, so I'd be very grateful for any stories that might help me decide whether to stick with it.

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  • PS - forgot to mention, I've had 3 of 5 doses of prednisolone... which started to improve my peak flow straight away, as it always does, so the worsening cough is a mystery!

  • Hi ,not sure I'm able to help really ,,,I was diagnosed with adult asthma when I was 46 ,after a bout of flu ,,,,I've also developed Bronchiectis,,,I have hay fever to it's been bad already this year ,,,,blocked up nose ,sore throat and a cough ,,,,I to have trouble sleeping ,,,,but that's because I can't switch off ,,,,over the years I've been on predesoline mainly when I have a chest infection ,,,,it might be an idea to ask your GP to refer you to pulmary rehab ,,,,,their knowledge is amazing as they are specialist nurses/physio's who run the courses,,,,,,I use ventolin,seratide and Spireva inhalers ,,they seem to keep my asthma tolerable,,,,my peak flow has never been higher than 350 .and the lowest ( when really poorly ) has been around 240, ,,,,there are many people on here that will be able to give you more imformation,,,in the meantime ,,welcome,

  • Thank you for the welcome 😊. Pulmonary rehab sounds like a great idea. The GP I usually see for asthma is brilliant so he might go for h that

  • I've has severe asthma since I was 2, now 51. Been on every asthma drug available since then. Was given Relvar this time last year. It didn't work for me, caused infection and night time shortness of breath. Ended up in hospitalin February , and I've been on steroids for 9 months. I didn't like the fact I could only have it once a day, there was no doubling up, so steroids was the only thing left. So I'm back on sybicort . My consultant says it's really new and they don't know at the moment who it will help. Hope this helps you. 😷

  • Hi Pooka i was given Relvar about 3 months ago and I feel brilliant on it I've not coughed or wheezed since I've been on it but it did take a couple of weeks to kick in, Good Luck I hope you start to feel better soon

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