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Hay Fever Season & Brittle Asthma - Update.

YIPPPPEE- I did the 10k Nordic Walking race, in searing heat & high pollen, but I did it & completed in 1hr 35mins which I am so chuffed about. But I've had a disturbed night & very early morning, pf down despite steroids, hopefully that will bob back up after taking the last of the course. Not quite sure what my asthma nurse will say tomorrow, I'm sure she'll be pleased with what I've achieved but, I think I'll need another course of steroids to keep me going!!!! (I'm in the pink t-shirt in the pic)

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You amazing person you ;-)


Awww, thanks x


Well done.


You have the right attitude ---- Asthma will never get the better of you --- I suggest you try a yoga breathing technique called Pranayama . It has helped me enormously and reduces the need for the horrible medications that we are prescribed.

Good luck


Thanks, attitude counts for a lot, unfortunately the pollen has won again. I had a severe attack in the wee small hours Mon & am back on steroids, it's the only thing that controls the asthma just now. Asthma nurse wants the consultant back on board for more ideas, it's too early in the season for double steroids.

The breathing technique is one I use, or try to as I'm new on my yoga journey!!!! My teacher is excellent & will pitch the session according to my needs, she would rather me be there than miss.

Thanks for your input, hope you keep well x


Kapal Bhati is also very good . If you are trying out Yoga , this exercise you will find the best!!


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