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Dull And Tight Chest Pains


I know that we no doubt all have chest pains from our asthma but I was wondering if anybody else had a chest pain that stayed in only one place.

I have a chest pain in the left/centre of my chest. It's a dull, tight feeling like that part of my chest is in a box and can't expand enough or get enough air in. It's making it hard to breathe but it's not my asthma (per say) so my inhalers don't help at all.

The doctor I went to see today basically said that there isn't anything I can do because just breathing will pull the muscles but like I said it's making it hard to breathe and making work very difficult. I work in a very hot and stuffy shop ... doing usual shop work. haha.

So anyway I was wondering if anybody else had dealt with anything similar and if so how did you cope with it?


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I've had it before not only from my asthma but also from my other health conditions. I find things like stretching out, heat, TENS machine, fingertip massage and painkillers all help me. Its kind of a mix and match over what will help at any given time, but usually heat and painkillers with some stretching (depending on what area of my chest it is) is my go to remedy.


Hi I have had this twice. Both times I felt unwell and couldn't take a proper breath without pain. The first time the doctor dismissed me so I went back later when it got worse and he said I had an infection verging on pneuomia. Ab's sorted that out, but I was off work for a week.

The second time was from cramp in the big muscle over the heart. I was so ill I called an ambulance and they did a chest x-ray. Again this was caused by a chest infection and they gave me 3 lots of pills including ab's and a very strong painkiller which made me as high as a kite - lovely.

I presume as the doctor has checked you out it is nothing serious. As long as you don't feel ill too (weak, shakey and in a lot of pain) it will cure itself. If in any doubt seek help. x


Ive had chest pain but i think my docs puttin it down to all the coughing ive done. Its scary any chest pain but if ur still worried id go back n make the docs listen. I took painkillers still do tbh.


I've had it, massage and heat helped- have you tried the sticky heat patches to help relax the muscles? Hot water bottles at night worked for me too. And paracetamol 😊


Yes mine is left sided too and always there when my asthma bad. Sometimes it's an early warning of things going downhill


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