I am in the middle of a bit of a flare up. On my third course of pred in a row. I also take symbicort 400 montelukast and antihistamine. I carry adrenalin for nut allergy. I'm really struggling with oilseed rape and struggling to spend any time outside.

As I have always had food triggers that we have never really got to the bottom of my husband is suggesting I cut out sulphites (which seem to be a fairly constant trigger) and see how that goes. Sadly that means my prosecco has to go 😞. I'm thinking of trying gin or vodka but struggling to find a anything to mix it with. Does anyone have any ideas? I know I could just cut out alcohol but I would prefer not to just yet.

Really hoping someone has a fab suggestion xxx

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  • Hi Emily, sulphites do the same with me and I love my wine so I researched it and you can get sulphite-free wine in Asda. 😊 Bronagh

  • This is the best news I have had all day 😊

    Thank you

  • I really love it how we're struggling for breath but we're never giving up on the booze ahahaha :D :D :D I feel y'all :D <3

  • Life really is too short 😊

  • After a struggle of finding out what Allergic Reactions i have I found that both Rapeseed Oil and Vegetable Oil( has a hidden Ingredient of Peanut) which is NOT Mentioned on labels.

    I found this out after going for a meal at my Local Harvester Resturant. Had my Fav Meal Gammon and Pineapple with chips( they were the severe reaction to me...( didn't have Epi pen then) and I panicked went to Drs following day who prescribed me the Epi Pens. And found out via Leaflet that I was given that Vegetable Oil contains Peanut.

  • I didn't know about the peanut in vegetable oil, that is really bad. I keep reacting to very random foods. Makes eating out tricky. Wish they would get the food labels sorted out.

    Stay well 😊

  • Totally agree when I saw Allergy Consultant at my local Hospital his words to me !B4 handing me Leaflet was Peanut Oil is added to Vefetable/Rapeseed Oil.

    And leaflet I had confirmed it. It's a total nightmare eating out. My Husbands family always arrange posh places to eat and these places don't understand Allergies.

    I'm ok at Toby Cavery ( tho don't have carrots as coated in Butter) which I hate.

    Green Veg is ok but I can't Tollerate to much. I have to ask for Mint Sauce from Jar not from their pored out ones ( as add Vinigar ) which sets me off

    I can have No Yorkie Pud as makes me swell...:-(

    Also can't have ( well do now and then) Ice Cream as Peanut Oil is used and Again nothing stated.

    I met a friend for a chat and food in my old local pub looked at menu asked to see Allergy Book( woman behind said oh your the 1st person to ask. I asked what Oils they cooked with ( Vegetable and Rapeseed) all I could eat was a Jacket Potato was starving so had 2 as tiny

  • I find the same, very difficult to eat in fancy restaurants. Hadn't thought of the oils they use, i had noticed anything with vinegar is a total no for me.

    I've had ige testing but never specific food allergy testing. My skin is permanently covered in 2 allergic rashes. I've had bad peanut reaction and was told then to avoid all nuts , thinking about trying removing soya and wheat as well as sulphites.

    Good luck with finding safe tasty food!!

  • I'm struggling to find foods to eat, I tried GF as I swell when I eat most foods ( made no Difference) then was Reccomended to try Yeast Free( yeast I found is a problem) then told by my Asthma Consultant to Only eat White Foods. Ie Bread,Pasta, Rice. And Non Green Veg. But now been diagnosed 4 weeks ago as Steroid Induced Type 2 Diabeties, and to eat Wholemeal Foods only. So don't know what to do.

    Someone mentioned on diabetes page to have 6 small meals a day. But I can't do that in work...

    No idea what to eat as Fresh Fruit contains Saylicilate ( which is Natural Asprin in foods) I'm Sensitive to Asprin

    It's a real struggle

  • That does sound like a total nightmare with the diabetes on top of everything else.

    I have found that I am better with white bread than wholemeal and have no idea why. It is all very confusing.

    Hope you find something that works for you

  • Tell me about it I'm still struggling!

    My Chocolate Craving seems to have gone.


    I had Fish and chips from Chippy last Nice

    Sooooo Nice but my Stomach Swelled up.

    Prob coz they cook with Rapeseed Oil which I'm Allergic to

    This was a one off as my Brother from New Zealand is down. And we all Spoilt ourselves.

  • I am really missing chocolate and wine 🍫🍷.

    I've been avoiding sulfites for a few weeks now and have only reacted to food that I really shouldn't have eaten anyway. I am totally struggling though to think of things to eat. And I am finding the information on food labels really confusing.

    Hope it keeps working for you too. 😊 xx

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