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Hi everyone. Well just been through my first winter with asthma constant colds chest infection etc. Now the nice weather is here and the pollen 😢 And I'm guessing it's a big trigger for me so far over the last few weeks 2 lots steroids montelukast tablets ( and the strange dreams that go with them) I'm still struggling. As a family when the weather is nice we are in the garden all the time sitting in the sun,bbqs or just sitting have dinner. I work in a school so have 6 weeks off from July so is there anything I can do myself to ease the symptoms ... Thanks

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Hi Lyngal

Back to basics: you need a good inhaler, a preventer that combines bronchodilator and steroids, and you need an aerochamber so you take your time to inhale properly all the way down your lungs. A good 3 months of it to prepare you for this winter so you won't have all these problems if your asthma is properly controlled.

I must say I have had a lot of changes of preventer and I repeat myself but when I met Dr. Sarah Elkin my first consultant she told me Fran controlled asthma is all about a good preventer and good inhaling.

Finally I'm happy with ventolin 2 puffs 3 times a day followed by seretide 250 2 puffs 3 times a day. With that lot after 3 weeks of it I've raised my peak flow to 320. I mean below 320 I struggle. My max is 360 in the cabin that is 87% so not bad on those days. I used to get to 93% with half the meds I'm taking.

Anyway you have to find what suits you and keep playing with meds until you are happily breathing.

If that means going back to your GP or nurse or the hospital clinic, it's ok. At the end of the day you want to feel well and you have a right to.

Take care Lyngal xx


Forgot to say montlukast never did anything for my allergies plus the insomnia so zirtek or the generic is good 1 at night coz it makes some feel drowsy


What do you think about Symbicort or Advair that has bought the meds. It's confusing when you read online health sites. They say that not to take albuterol unless you need it, but they put in the combination inhalers.

It seem for me that proAir albuterol brand works better for me than ventolin, I don't know why. Qvar works for me but Im sure I will have to upgrade or change that eventually.

Just trying to get some opinions.


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Advair is the American name for Seretide in the Uk. Symbicort did not agree with me all those powders inhalers don't agree with me. I don't know about Qvar it is such a personal thing. We have to keep on trying until it clicks!


And I have Atrovent as well now so 2 puffs of Vento plus two puffs of Atrovent if needed up to 3 times a day.


Hello, as HappyLondon says, good to discuss with GP/Nurse. Some people feel a little benefit from anti-histamines, but sometimes this is more psychological than physical (still not a bad thing), as it improves other symptoms - runny nose, sore eyes, sore throat etc - which in turn may improve general wellbeing. Hoping that you get some relief soon.

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Thanks everyone for your help, although pollen count has been high I've not had to use ventolin for 2 days so fingers crossed it will stay that way. Off to see my asthma nurse on Thursday so will have a long talk, the montelukast is still giving me nightmares ( although they seem to work) but going to ask if there is anything else I can take... Take care x


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