Hi managed to get an appointment with the dr today which in its self is  unheard of. I wanted to see if I could Hold on until the 19 th when I see the asthma nurse but I now understand that I can't wait. He has put me on more steroids and also montelukast 10mg 1 a day for a month.. If they do the trick can anyone tell me if I will be on them all the time or just the month, sorry I know I should have asked but never thought 

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  • Hi you normally take steroids for just a specified time,  but you can stay on montelukast for a lot longer if it helps you.  

  • Thanks  on steroids for a week 

  • That's the normal time period.   Hopefully they will work in that time.   Beware of the come down on steroids though - there is a reason they call them devils pills!    I find I feel great when on them but as soon as I come off I get the blues and feel very lethargic for a few days.  Not everyone gets this though.  x

  • I was on them about 2 weeks ago and was fine, the only thing I noticed I had a terrible thirst and was during water loads of water but that was all. Don't even know  if it was the steroids but once I stopped taking them the thirst stopped x

  • Hi Lyngal

    Glad you got your meds. I hope it works for you. 🌺🌺🌺

  • I have been on montelukast 10mg since February and while my asthma is still playing up they did help a bit. So if they help you are probably looking at long term. I have not noticed antacids effects from them really apart from having some really strange dreams sometimes!

    Hope they do the trick for you! 

  • I've been on montelukast for a month and it will be over the winter til the warm comes back. I'm in New Zealand. Montelukast has been a lifesaver! I was using my reliever every day multiple times and havent used it at all lately. I also am sleeping all night. Fantastic. Feel so good on it. X Sue

  • Hi Lyngal.

    I was on Montelukast for just under a month. Unfortunately I might as well have been taking sweeties as it made no discernible difference but I  really hope you find it improves things for you. 

    The reason I'm no longer on them however is because they were causing me to feel extremely depressed and to have suicidal thoughts as well as nightmares. I thought the feeling of depression was caused by hassle at work due to the amount of time off I've had off sick- if I have one more sickness absence in the next six months it could progress to stage two but that's another story!- I re-read the patient information leaflet and saw that this was a rare side effect so please be careful as it has been an extremely distressing and unpleasant time for me and my long suffering hubby who I woke out of a deep sleep at 2.00am screaming for him to help me! It's funny now though not at the time- please be careful and perhaps ask family and close friends to keep an eye out for low mood swings xc 

  • I was very interested to hear of other people's experiences of Montelukast. I was put on it about 10 days ago and every night since then I have had very vivid dreams. Last night an awful nightmare. I haven't really noticed any improvement in my asthma.  My 19yr old son was prescribed Montelukast about 10 yrs ago and his asthma improved and he reported no side effects. He still takes it.

  • Since taking montelukast I have also had some very vivid/ strange dreams! 

  • Nightmare last night just about finished me off! Going to catch a plane and realizing I hadn't got my passport, wallet or suitcase. I've had that nightmare before but this was so vivid!!

  • Hi Lyngal, actually one of my friend also suffered from severe asthma and was treated very often. I was very much feeling sad that I cannot do anything to help him. Then on instant, I found this article that I think is quite useful if you want to know about what is asthma -!/categoryA...

    I found it very useful and I think you should give it a read. Best wishes! 

  • So been on montelukast for 5 days now first 2 days no side effects but now the nightmare/dreams have started, they are so vivid and strange i wake up from them and when I go back asleep I go straight back into the same dream, going to have a word with the asthma nurse when I see her on Thursday to see if there is anything else. I'm frightened to go to sleep and when I wake in the morning I'm pretty shaky.

  • Well, I've been on Montelukast for over half a year already... as far as I know, they're no problem to go for the long run. The first month I had a terrible time because of the steroids but so far the Montelukast hasn't shown any side effects on me, unlike the other guys that have commented here. Anyway, your post is a month old, so you should be able to tell us now what your doctor said. :)

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