Pesistent cough and wheeze

Hi all.

I had a bad cold in February that put me in bed for two days. Since then I have had a persistent cough and a bad wheeze and shortness of breath. These are now starting to get me down and depressed that they are going on for so long.

When I realised they were not clearing up despite increasing my medications as per plan, I have had two courses of antibiotics and one course of steroids (prednisolone) all to no avail.

I am currently abroad until late June and when I return its going to be another docs visit. But is there anything I can do to help in the meantime?

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  • I was about to say lemon water but thought I'd have a look and see what else.The first link had lemon water at the top of the list  It only says about using the juice but it is my understanding the whole lemon is better as the peel and pulp have added benefits - take your pick and hope it helps

  • If you can get hold of some fresh root ginger and have access to honey, put one teaspoon of grated fresh root and one teaspoon of honey in a mug, top with hot water and drink.  In the UK I would get hold of Vicks vapour rub and use that on my chest over night.  I don't know where you are, but something similar might be of use.

  • I'd go to the doctor's wherever you are. The consulate should have a list of English speaking or approved doctors. I'm not for letting things linger on. I had a bad spell this winter it took 4 courses of different antibiotics more or less and pred and 2 months to get rid of that bronchitis.

    Take care xx

  • Thanks all for the advice, the fresh lemon,ginger etc will be easy to implement. I do have a Spanish doctor I can consult but its usually "what is wrong and what would you like to treat it" Basically you tell her what medication you want and she writes it up. But most pharmacists out here can do as good as a GP. They are all able to dispense antibiotics, asthma meds including steroids, blood pressure treatments etc just by speaking with you at the counter, no need to go to a doc.

    I called my own doctor in the UK today and I am getting a phone consultation on monday morning.

  • I had a niece (who's never had asthma in her life) go down with something similar and with similar consequences (cough, breathless) and she's in Spain.  The doctor she saw out there explained that the cause of the cough was mucus in the nasal passages settling on her lung during the night, resulting in the cough.  She was prescribed a steroid inhaler for asthma and a nasal decongestant.  She never used the steroid inhaler (not being an asthmatic, and never having been one).  The nasal decongestant spray did the trick apparently.  

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