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New Inhaler

Good Morning all,

Last week i was given a new inhaler (purple) and want to ask if there is a taste to it as when i am taking it i can not taste anything like i did with my brown or blue.

I am still having a tight chest at night and a bit of wheezing i also coughing at night and in the morning and bringing up mucas.

I want to know what is the next stage after purple inhaler please?

I am seeing my asthma nurse next week.

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I think many inhalers do have a mild taste, although sometimes I'd notice it with one then not with the next one.

The purple one I'm guessing might be seretide? The next step will depend a little on how they interpret your situation but if you are coughing up mucus regularly, a sputum sample probably would be a good shout. There's always a bit of trial & error though with inhalers, but a lot of people swear by seretide so you might find it starts to work over time.

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I have also recently been started on seretide 500 (purple inhaler) and do not really notice any taste when taking it! This is in the hope of getting me off oral steroids! What dose is your purple inhaler and what other inhalers have you tried??


Hi Kashwi,

Thanks for your reply,

mine is puple seretide 125 and before that i was on brown i also use my blue inhaler.


Hi DavidLewis

There are still a few other inhaler that you can try if you find that the seretide is not working for you such as fostiar, and your dr also still have scope to increase your dose of seretide upto 500. Hope things settle down for you soon!


I hope there isn't a next stage for you and that you can manage your asthma well on the purple inhaler. I have a purple one: don't notice a taste, but in any event I take it before I clean my teeth, so I clean, then rinse out and gargle once, swallow water twice to get rid of any remaining stuff. I assume you've had your inhaler technique checked so it goes to your lungs and not the back of your throat. If not, look it up on youtube.

Try extra pillows so you sit up more at night - it sometimes helps with the coughing.


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