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Does CVA ever go?


I start CVA after being prescribed Ramapril, and started THE cough. Like many others I tend to have a flare up after a cold, which has just happened. My GP gave me antibiotics and the 3 day steroids.

I was still coughing up to New Year, but on New year's day woke up to a slight cough which was producing

colourless mucus. I have hardly coughed since. Is it feasible (PLEASE!) that CVA can actually leave you?

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It can come and go - I had it badly as a child, then about 6 years with no symptoms. But now it's always kind of in the background, I just choose not to medicate it in the summer as the cough is mild and infrequent so I can live with that!


Thanks very much for that - gives me a bit of hope

My vocal chords might just come back and let me sing again




Ramipril was same for me

Mentioned cough when having 6 month BP review

Changed to Losartan and cough now almost gone.

Still have a mucous cough but not the horrid hacking cough caused by Ramapril.

Take care


Thankyou for that. I was only on Ramapril for a few days, but too late!!!

I now don't have the hacking cough you mentioned, but have a mucous cough like you mentioned. It's welcome after all the sleepless nights.

Thankyou for replying


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