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Air purifier for night asthma cough?


my 4yo suffers from night time asthma cough. He very rarely has any symptoms during the day but we are struggling to manage his night asthma cough which has been known to go on for 5 hours at night :(

I have read about air purifiers to remove allergens from his room and I'd really like to hear if anyone has found these useful? If so, please can you recommend brand/model?

He is taking 2 puffs of Clenil (100) twice a day. We have tried Montelukast recently but he had some very unpleasant side effects so I stopped this.

I am very keen to try and improve things for him without increasing medicine doses further if possible.

Thank you in advance!

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I use a PureMate and sleep with it on every night, it does make a little bit of noise but it doesn't stop me sleeping. I have it on the side next to me with the purified air blowing in my face I find it really helps. I've been thinking of buying the Fellowes DX5 which we have at work and I always feel my best when I am near it, it has an automatic setting on it. Prior to Christmas you could get the DX5 for £117 on Amazon but just checking today I see the price has gone up to £144!!

Good luck

I use a HoMEDICS air filter/purifier. It helps the night coughing.

I also have washable curtains which I wash monthly and anti allergy bedding and mattress cover. Any soft toys can go in the freezer is vacuumed twice weekly with a vacuum with a HEPA filter and dust with a damp cloth.

The combination definitely helps me.

MaggieHP in reply to Triggerina

In recent years I've switched from using damp dusting to using a small dusting brush appliance on my hoover (which does have a HEPA filter). I've found that this actually works better for me for the most part - though I still have to use damp dusting for areas which are too small for the dusting brush option to reach.

Lexik in reply to Triggerina

Hi there, thanks for this recommdation, which model do you have please? Thanks again!

MaggieHP in reply to Lexik

Ours is a Miele allervac sensor 5000. It must be around eight to ten years old now, so that exact model may no longer be available (though I'm certain there'll be a more recent version).

When I was young I used to have a vaporiser running in the room overnight to keep the air moist (I have an evening/night cough) - there is a tranche of literature nowadays saying it doesn't significantly improve symptoms but there are always exceptions to the rule in these papers so might be something to consider if you're willing to try anything that might help.

A few other things that might help: make sure that you air his room out thoroughly every morning. Throw the bed covers back, hump up the pillows so air can circulate under them as well as over them and open the window (even if it's only by a fraction) for about an hour if you can (though even half an hour is better than nothing). Also wipe down any condensation that has formed on his window overnight to help prevent mould from forming (mould is a known trigger for asthmatics). One other thing we do: try to keep his room cool. Although we have radiators in our bedrooms, we never have them on. Radiators can be very effective dust traps, and having them on circulates that dust round the room. Also, it's my understanding that dust mites have a preference for warm conditions. Finally, try not to store things under his bed. This will a) make it much easier for you to hoover his room thoroughly and b) prevent those objects becoming dust traps as well.

Hope this helps:-)

Thank you very much for the tips and advice, I really appreciate it! I will research the purifiers you recommend and hope that one of them ends up being discounted in January!

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