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Asthma and giving blood

Hi all just thought I better ring the Blood donoring service about my appointment that I have in the new year. To find out the rules about giving blood being an asthma suffer.

I knew that wouldn't let you give blood if you were having asthma symptoms (that's common sense).

The new one for me as I never had to take prednisone before. I just thought I post this up incase any one else doesn't know these things.

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Hi elanaeoli,

The NHS blood donor website gives advice on this. There's a section dedicated to medical conditions (plus medications for said conditions), including asthma, which gives advice as to when asthmatics may or may not give blood. Just google 'giving blood' and the site should be listed.

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Just checked to find the site. Try



Sorry for not making myself clear I had an appointment booked for January and had to cancel it as I was told having course of prednisone excludes me from giving blood for six months. Just thought I would mention it as I wasn't aware of it and perhaps others suffers old and new might not known. Saved me a wasted journey.

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No problem. It's a good thought for anyone wanting to give blood:-)


Thanks for the info :)


Thanks just another piece of information about asthma that I learnt in the last 3 a bit weeks.


Ohh i didn't know that either.

I am (was?) a regular blood donor but currently can't donate for other reasons and waiting to hear back from the blood people whether it will be temporary or permanent - eek!

Anyway, thankfully i've only ever had 3 courses of prednisilone (all in the last 2 years).

Hmm that's weird - just tried to logon to the blood site out of curiosity to see if i've donated blood within 6 months of pred and it says i've got to call them :-s

Chances are i have donated blood within 6 months of pred but the questions don't lead you to think of that. Questions on the blood form relate to the last 7 days, 4 weeks or regular medication - pred, say 4 months ago is neither of them.


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