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Challenge testing

I am being sent for a challenge test at the request of my consultant. Has anyone ever had one of these and knows what they are like. I'm a bit apprehensive as I know my chest reacts but I would really rather not have an attack.

I had a spiro done yesterday and I was told that my technique was poor and that it should have been corrected before, bearing in mind that I have done it twice already and no one has corrected me before. I was also told that if I was in any other hospital that I would have been asked to stop any preventative meds a couple of days beforehand as they may be stopping my airways from showing obstruction.

Apparently though according to the person who did my spiro I am privalliged to be on montelukast as its not prescribed very often in the UK.

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Hi Gems. I think that is the same test I'm waiting for.

Like you I am apprehensive. I'm sure however that they will have ventolin and nebulisers on hand to treat any reaction. I'm waiting for the appointment to come through.

I'm sure this is a very routine test, but I know that doesn't really help very much.


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