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Weird triggers, or not-so-weird?

I have asthma (uhh, like that isn't obvious) although not sure what severity; I take Montelukast 10mg every day, Fostair 3 puffs twice a day (yeah, I need to go back to the nurse), Ventolin as needed or regularly depending how I am, and Atrovent 20mcg before ice hockey or with my Fostair when I'm yellow-zoning.

Anyway, two of my triggers are E-cig vapour and ethanol fumes (either from the labs at college or drunk people). The E-cig one is particularly bad.

I've heard of people being triggered by _drinking_ alcohol, but firstly that's to do with sulfites, and secondly that's not inhaling anything!

Are these weird triggers? Does anyone else have a big problem with either of these?

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Hi yes e-cigs, they close my chest down so fast it's unbelievable, sometimes I wonder what worst real cigarettes or them. I hope this puts your mind at rest


Not so weird!

When my lungs are more sensitive the e-cig fumes definitely effect them & I wouldnt be surprised if the ethanol vapour did although havent experienced it yet.


I have problems with people burning incense sticks. Really gets to me. So nothing seems weird to me.


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