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Blue and Brown inhaler question

Recently my asthma came back and because I ignored the minor symptoms it gradually got severe and was stopping me from climbing stairs and walking up hills. literally my heart rate would sky rocket and breathing would be hard and my chest was always tight.

I was given a blue inahler which I was taking 2 times a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I only took it for 3 days as I was given my brown inhaler. Since receiving the brown inhaler I stopped taking the blue one all together only cause I do not know if i am able to take both at the same time?

I read that the brown inhaler takes at least 7 days to take effect so if anything I might only feel the effects next week monday right? So while my brown inhaler is kicking in should I continue to use the Blue inahaler.

Oh my last question is the brown inhaler has instructions for me saying take two puffs twice a day. what would be the best times to take it. currently I am taking the inhaler at 7-8am and then 2:30-3:30pm. mainly due to my job. Basically take a puff just before my morning shift and just before my afternoon shift.

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Hi either phone your surgery or the helpline as they will be able to give you the correct advice take care ♥

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First & most importantly, you absolutely can take the two together. If you are short of breath you put yourself at risk if you don't take the blue one.

The brown one takes a few days & the effect will probably be incremental, but hopefully you should feel some benefit soon.

In terms of the times of day, as starveycat says I'd get some advice from a professional. It's probably OK to take as & when you can but they will know more about both you & the working of the drug.



Yes you can take your blue inhaler whenever you need it.

Your brown inhaler has medicine in it which protects your airways and reduces inflammation. Your blue inhaler, often called the 'rescue inhaler' is for when you have an attack, i.e. Your chest starts to tighten or you start to wheeze. This will open up your airways so that you can breathe easier. Never use your brown inhaler during an attack as it will not help you.

Likewise, always use your brown inhaler as instructed by your doctor every day without fail even if you feel well. That's how people get into trouble! They stop taking their brown inhaler because they feel so well and wham bam they have a massive, sometimes life threatening attack. This is a serious disease and people need to realise that it is actually life threatening. Things can change in seconds so always protect yourself.

I have a brown inhaler and I do two puffs in the morning between 7-8am and the other two at night at appx 9pm. I suppose I do that because there are 24 hours in a day so appx 12 hours between each dose. Makes sense to me!

Hope this helps and have a nice day!


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Thank you everyone for the advice, was having a difficult day as I woke up with a cold and thought this is last thing i need right now.

I did have those 3 questions on my mind and wanted others input on the matter so thank you, have a good day!

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Sorry to hear about your asthma coming back. I too cannot walk up hill or climb stairs so understand your distress. Firstly I would agree that you need professional advice from someone who knows you, and understands your condition and your medication. In my experience it is ok to take blue inhaler with other medication as it will give immediate relief. I take spiriva and seretide inhalers but can also take blue inhaler up to 8 puffs a day. Hope you soon feel better but please seek further advice to put your mind at rest.

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