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Respiratory infection

Started to feel bit crap Thursday, not to bad Friday, worse Saturday, and today , pretty tight. Nebs of Salbutamol an Ipatroprium, not really helping. Going to increase prednisone to 5 day 30mg and regular monitoring of peak flow. Could be flare up of bronchiectasis even the psudeomonas. Quick chat to GP tomorrow, no point on visit, he knows I'm best judge of my condition, and when hospital admission needed. Plus he is a Man City supporter who beat my team, Watford yesterday, and would rub it in.

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Sorry to hear you are having a tough time. What a cruel doc to be like that cos his team won :-)

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Got great GP, always get emergency on the day appointment. Just phone in morning and get seen that morning. Same with my Consultant, if feeling particularly crap, phone up his secretary, and she will get him or one of his team to Se me that day.. Peak flow down around 15%, so not too bad, drops by 30%, start to get worried. 35%, straight to A&E

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Hope you get some relief soon.




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