hi I have recently joined this page and thought I would share my experience with you in a hope it may help someone. I am 52 and have suffered with asthma (brittle asthma) for most of my life. I have been steroid dependant for many year but thanks to now having xolair injections I'm only taking 5mg and 10mg on alternative days. I still use my ventolin a fair bit but no where near as much as I did. If anyone is offered the jabs I would highly recommend trying them. I was referred to Glenfields in Leicester they're wonderful! However I am now having mine at my local hospital, three injections every four weeks. If you have allergic asthma enquire if your suitable to try them.

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  • Thank you very much for this information.

    I'm pleased your treatment seems to be working for you. 😀

  • Hi, I'm just about to start xolair so it is pleasing to hear about the change it has made to you. I have been steroid dependent for 15 months,with several years before in a horrible pattern of very high steroid treatments and tiny gaps. I am also on eight other medicines a day - my asthma has been tricky to control, so although nervous about another drug I am hoping it will make a difference.

  • I really hope it helps you I actually feel the best I have for years. Don't expect an instant improvement, although some of the people at the clinic did get one (I didn't) It's worth sticking with. the injections are not to painful I have mine in my upper arm swapping from one to the other each four weeks. Let me know how you get on

  • I've recently started these injections after being stetoid dependent fir some time. I am finding myself I'll for up to a week after the injection and no real change in my chest. Within a,week of the last one had a raging chest infection. Strongly thinking about stopping them .

  • I have been on Xolair for over 10 years. It has changed my life.

  • My son (18) has 'severe' asthma and he has been on Xolair for 10 months. Within a few months of starting the injections (2 every 4 weeks) we noticed a definite improvement. He was able to return to sport after a long absence and school attendance improved. I can't describe the relief we feel as a family. He still gets wheezy etc so Xolair has not been a 'cure all' but we are delighted with the difference it has made. I would recommend the treatment to anyone if it's offered to them.

  • I'm pretty much the same, still have wheezy episodes but so much better

  • So pleased to hear it shassh. I started a thread on here before my son started Xolair, asking about other people's experiences, and the answers were mainly positive. The nurses at the medical unit where he has his injections say that many of their patients have been helped by Xolair. We are very grateful.

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