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Sharing a Story

Hello everyone, I'am a mum with a 7 years old daughter with asthma, hay fever and now she is having a lots allergies. I want to share my story with you because I know for sure it's someone in this moment having trouble with a child/children with the same health problem as my daughter.

Every beginning of the Winter and especially the Spring it's a nightmare for us. In that time she was having difficult to breathe because of her hay fever as well. One day I was thinking for myself that her asthma was getting worst and my thought ( like every parent ) was: What can I do more for help her? Why she is getting worst if she is taking every morning and evening her medication?

This Easter after we spend all day baking for the day, that evening she had a serious asthma attack. We went straight to the hospital and she was seeing by a doctor straight away. One different thing I had noticed, my daughter had some spots in her body and I told that to the doctor and his answer was: don't worry about the spots! But my instinct was telling me a different thing. 2 weeks after, she was having a snack and 15 minutes later, she was starting with a asthma attack. I had made the blue inhaler to her and after 10 puffs 5 times every 5 minutes she was starting to feel better. In that time I had realised, was something she had eat and it was the same food as the Easter day Gingerbread cookies, and the spots had appears in her body again. After that I started to do a diary only about my daughter asthma, hay fever and allergies, because she was starting to have food allergies, allergies to her body shower, shampoo. I had changed all the detergents that I used at my home. Now I only use Dettol and products without the cross symbol ( products with this symbol they are getting your asthma worst ). My daughter was always complaint about headache, bellyache, after all of this changes she's complaining less that before. I made a big search about all the subjects, I consulted a lot and different doctors, website, food advice...

After all my research, I was prepared to go to my GP with all my information and ask for allergies test ( blood and skin test ). After I had showed everything to the doctor she make us an appointment for the hospital for my daughter get her allergies test straight away. Her test is in 20 days, until we get the result, her diet it's more restrict but it's a question of time until we know for sure what she's allergic to.

Last Sunday, she was stung by a bee in her foot, the reaction was very bad we went to the hospital and know she is taking antibiotic to prevent as well a big skin infection. Now her foot it's much better.

My advice is if you or you child never made an allergies test, you should ask to your GP to made it. This test it's very important to prevent that your asthma or your child/children asthma getting worst.

I hope I had help someone sharing our story.

Lots of positive wishes to everyone.


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