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Help there's a Heatwave!

Hi everyone, I am having a terrible time with my breathing in the hot weather at the moment. I am 44 years old and have had asthma for about 20 years - I take Salbutamol and Fostaire - which I have been on for over 15 years. The Fostaire replaced the one I used to take I think it was called Flixotide. I have lost over a stone and a half in weight and my BMI has dropped below 27. But the heat this year is causing me to be so short of breath - it's worse than its ever been. I am not very mobile as I have a condition similar to MS - but I do as much as I can do carefully. I have already stepped up my intake of Salbutamol and I'm up to 3 doses at night and several double doses during the day. I don't have a peak flow meter and have never had one or a plan. does anyone have any ideas that may help me please.

Many thanks

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Congratulations on loosing your weight. ?

Sorry that you're suffering at the moment with breathing issues due to the heat wave.

It might be worth seeing your GP or Asthma Nurse hopefully they'll be able to help you.



Sorry to hear that you are not been feeling well. This weather has really affected me too, i have brittle asthma and i have just been discharged from hospital after a 2 night ITU stay and 14 days on a ward due to the pollen and heat.

I would recommend that you make an appointment with your asthma nurse or GP to get a peak flow meter and a action plan and maybe a review of your medication. I hope i have been of help and that you start to feel better soon


Sending hugs, a review sounds like a good idea. This pollen and humidity is horrible.



The pollens and heatwave are affecting me terribly too, the doctor has told me if I don't improve tomorrow then I'll be admitted to hospital.

Sending virtual hugs to all those who are suffering at the moment.


Oh bless you asthmagirl, hopefully you have avoided it!! yes hugs for everyone, my gp seems to think that because the meds aren't working and I'm still struggling it means I'm not asthmatic. It's an interesting theory but wholely unhelpful!

Midge x


Sorry to hear everyone is struggling with the pollen and heat. I'm struggling too - it's my first summer after being diagnosed and I'm at a bit of a loss with what to do. I should be taking Flutiform 125 2 puffs twice a day but since I was put on it I have had to step up to 4 puffs twice a day about 75% of the time. Due to side effects from loretadine hayfever tablets and the cetradine ones not having any affect on me I haven't been able to take any anti-histimines for about 10 days. My chest has been getting tighter and I've upped my Flutiform to the highest dose but am still taking my blue inhaler about 3 times a day. I had an asthma attack last Thursday morning and about half an hour after the pollen got into my sinus and made my face swell to the point it affected my eyes opening fully. I find being in air conditioning in the car and at work helps lots.

I'm wondering if I should go to the docs and see if there is anything else they can give me or is it just a case of riding it out until the pollen and humidity subside?


Well, that's my questions answered - just phoned the Doctors and I can't get an appointment to see a Doctor or asthma nurse until next week, despite me explaining the situation so going to ride it out....


I also feel much worse - wonder if I should start oral prednisolone ( was given by asthma clinic just in case)

Also my sinuses seem to be affected .

And accuweather shows every day as 'beneficial for asthma'!


Heat, humidity and dew point all affect asthma. Try to stay inside with air conditioning as much as you can, and change air filters often. Hope this helps.


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