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feeling so low contemplating how to stop it all

Take antihistamines take singulair, use beconase, avoid allergens blah blah

IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!¬!!!!!!!

My nose side wall swells. I produce massive amount of snot, I sneeze the snot and sneezing makes my lungs cripple with pain. i struggle to breath cant sleep struggle to work crap at job, husband refuses to share same bed cant go out at night cos i feel like shit I look like shit! My face hurts my chest hurts i have gained a stone in weight in six months!!!!!! Pred??????? not wanting to go out??????

Go to doctor

""Have you tries antihistamines""

yes they dont work


yes they dont work!!!!!!!!!

""here have some pred and antibiotics""

great thanks here come the great depression

3 weeks later we start again!!!""!!!!!!!!

Why?? is it

connected to my very very heavy periods it starts up again just before my next period i am ill every bloody month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please please how do I convince my doctor of this????????? I would be willing to have my womb and ovaries ripped out if it stopped this!!!!!!

If it cannot be stopped I am the point of suicide This is not living

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What dose of antihistamines are you on? My other half went on fenofexadine but the dose wasn't strong enough and he was so wretched and miserable. There is very little allergy service provision here in Scotland and in the end I managed to find a consultant led private allergy clinic that did the testing and increased his fenofexadine dose - that's definitely best done under consultant advice as GP refused to do it and when he filled his prescription the pharmacist phoned in a panic saying that kind of dose increases heart attack risk. Totally worth it though, he is so much happier now! £165 well spent.


Its shocking that someone feels like life is not worth living , Reen , go to the Doctor and tell exactly what you said here , , you must make them listen I have bad allergy's also , so do know how downhill you can go

and how quick ...I really do know how you feel , as ive only suffered all this for just over a year , and yes have had the odd moment of thinking ..well you know ....!!!

please hang in there , things will improve ...YOU MAKE THEM LISTEN ...


Thank you both xxxxxx I was very low, Struggling to carry on lecturing at work then excessive dogs then cook tea. Hubby comes home ...... Ex navy guy very tough!!! Expecting to crack on with all other work that needs doing. I cracked! :(.

Went docs this afternoon with a letter

I always fail at docs made to feel a waste of time an idiot a hyperchondriac

I wrote down a similar rant to the rant a shared with you guys

I know have appointment to have thyroid checked Suspect. Low functioning as that flares allergies? And can make lungs more twitchy

I now have referral to specialist allergy clinic

I now have antibiotic aimed at pneumonia bug

I now have spare stash of pred

I now have extra ventolin

Feeling so much better mentally not yet physically. But hey ho!!!!!

Anger and frustration subsided

Thaknyou for giving me a forum to silently rant Some of us out here have zero emotional support and this forum is invaluable


So pleased you managed to ask for, and were given help. So sorry I didn't,t reply before, I struggle with bad health and depression myself which renders me useless sometimes. Sometimes you have to get desperate before you ask for and are helped! Take care and good luck! :-)


Hi Reen,

I'm sorry to hear that you are so poorly with rhinitis and asthma. I saw an allergy specialist last year because of rhinitis setting my asthma off. They changed my nose spray to Dymista and that has really helped the rhinitis. I take cetirizine hydrochrloride antihistamine tablets too. I find inhaling steam (put some vapour rub in boiling water) or smelling Olbas Oil can help nose symptoms. I know what you mean about struggling to stay in work (I'm a lecturer too!).

There is something on the Asthma UK website about asthma and the menstrual cycle

I hope you feel better soon and your appointment at the allergy clinic comes through quickly



I get the frustration and having read your posts, spoken to a nurse on the helpline today.

I challenged my GP on my control and steroids.

I now have 40mg of steroids fir 5 days instead of 30 for 3. Change of preventative and spirometry booked which I have never had.

I hope this all means better control and feeling like I'm 41 instead of 81.


That is how I feel but however Im 16 & A good rant on here always helps to express your feelings without people close to you knowing. I hope you feel better soon and your asthma starts to behave because always remember there's always rain before a rainbow.



Hope you are feeling better,

I also suffer pretty badly from allergies so I understand how low you can feel..I currently see my immunologst every 4/6 months he has recently put me on dymista and ceterazine ttd along with my singular but he also added in randidadine a stomach tablet which can also help with allergys somehow..I also get spontaneous angioedema which is crap means I have to carry epipen everywhere,

Chin up it will get better


Hi there, my asthma worsens before my period too, it is the hormones!


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