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Switch from seretide to fostair


Hi has anyone on here been switched from seretide to fostair. Was told it has finer particles and may work better when I attended a difficult asthma clinic. I have been on seretide for at least 15 years and at various dosages highest was 500 mcg 3 puffs am and pm. Currently been put down to 500 one puff am and pm and flixotide 250 am and pm as other consultant stated shouldn't be on such a high dosage.

Just taking seretide of me then review 3 months. I am a bit worried which doesn't help as I don't want to flare up big time. Any experiences of fostair what it is like did it work ?

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I can't really answer properly. I've been on Fostair for the last 6 weeks and it made absolutely no difference whatsoever to my asthma!!!! I've actually been changed to Seretide as of today so obviously i have no idea yet how good it will be for me.

Conversely i was talking to a colleague tonight and he said Fostair was brilliant and really controlled his asthma (I don't know what he was on before).

Seems maybe different things will work for different people

I'm surprised you have to wait 3 months for review - when i was changed from qvar to fostair my nurse said to come back in 6 weeks for review and today cos she's changed me again i've got to go back again in another 6 weeks

Hi spookylou,

Hope you are well. I was on fostair for just over a year I found it ok but I got a lot of mouth and throat irritation but I was also on 1mg budesonide nebs twice daily also do not 100% sure it was the fostair.

I hope it works for you I have recently been put onto Relvar Eliipta and had the fostair stoped but have to wait a while to see if it works

I hav read up on this.In the past i hav reacted to becotide so should i be put on this?A bit concerned now should I ring them or gp. I am getting a bit fed up of no one reading my notes.

so gp and she stated had got letter and glad i was there as she isnt giving it me. In my gp notes as a reaction writing to them with allergies ro meds as I hav a few.Results of bloods show Rast for dust gone frm 5 to 3.Total ige 36 with 50 being the top dont know what that shows.As they know allergic.Wait and see as doent want me on high inhaled seriods but I am brittle been in a lot more in past.


I've been switched to Fostair and have had a good improvement in symptoms to date (going into my third week) nurse reviewed after one week, then back following week for blood tests, will be seeing nurse again next week for review.

I have less tightness in my chest and can now speak in whole sentences without coughing and wheezing. For me this is a good thing.


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