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Switch from Seretide to Fostair 100/6

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Have other people had problems when switching from Seretide (which was very successful for me) to Fostair 100/6. I am finding it less effective and peak flow has fallen by about 20%

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I was changed from Seretide to Fostair Next 100/6 last November. I kept thinking 'I want my Seretide back!' Was OK indoors but very breathless out walking. It has taken a long time but just lately I think it may be a bit better. I don't do Peak Flow as I have Post Nasal Drip and Sinus problems, drives mucous into my ears causing deafness, so I don't know if Peak Flow dropped. I do like the powder in Fostair Next though.

Yes, I could barely walk a few steps without wheezing and severe lack of energy. I demanded seretide inhaler back (been on it for almost 20 years), GP refused at first until I showed him peak flow readings in 200’s (usually 360-390) and it’s taken 2 years to get back to some form of stability. I am now on azithromycin and under a respiratory consultant thanks to the change. I used to be all for trying new meds but not anymore.

You haven't said why you switched, but I suspect it may have been a money-saving gesture by your surgery (Fostair is one of the cheapest dual inhalers, but doesn't work for everyone, including me). Medical professionals sometimes need to be reminded that the purpose of medication is to improve (or, at least, stabilise) your condition, not save money for the sake of it. I would think you have good evidence that it is not working for you, and you should be offered the opportunity to revert to Seretide; the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is as relevant to medication as it is to anything else!

Can understand how you feel — I was offered Fostair few years ago as it seemed to be very popular ( probably due to price ) but it did nothing for me . Eventually saw a private consultant who recommended Seretide and I have been controlled ever since . I have read some study paper recently that indicated that Seretide was almost twice as effective ( microgramme / microgramme .). as Fostair . Whilst everyone will react differently to the various inhaler components currently available —in my case Seretide was superior . (. It can now be sold under the name Sirdupla but has exactly the same content .

I was in the same position on seretide 250 for many years and had the prescription changed by the GP. Went to collect my prescription and found out that it was changed to fostair. I had no alternative but to try it. I felt very breathlessness peak flow was also down Luckily a few weeks later I was asked to go to see a Dr for a medication review. I explained my problems with fostair and Dr said it's not working for you and switched me back to the seretide. If it's not working for you go back to see the doctor . Good luck

Seretide was great for my asthma too, but caused total adrenal suppression, so pretty catastrophic side effects. The respiratory consultant wants me off all steroids, so I won't be switching to Fostair.

Fostair is a lot cheaper. It is also less likely to cause the side effect I had.

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