Silly Lungs!

Just feel like a bit of a moan

Had a GREAT day out walking with my club - 6 miles round Snowdonia (NOT going up Snowdon!!). We had lovely weather, we took it at a gentle pace with plenty of stops to admire views etc.

On the way home my lungs had to put a slight dampener on the day!! For some reason if i fall asleep on the coach i often wake up coughing and needing my inhaler (wish i could understand why, can only think it must be due to the air con) but tonight it decided not to settle straight away. I took my normal 2 puffs and thought all would be fine but i still struggled, ended up taking another 2 puffs about half an hour later which thankfully did settle the cough.

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  • I think it's the worst thing about asthma, it's so unpredictable and gets you down.


  • I think it's the worst thing about asthma, it's so unpredictable and gets you down.


    Asthma attacks are not exactly unpredictable. If you watch the weather forecasts then you will be forwarned when a low air pressure system (a depression) is approaching the area where you live. If you see one coming then you can be prepared by doing some deep breathing exercises. A depression may also cause you to feel depressed

  • Sounds like a liovely day. Do you take preventative ventolin before walking? Are you allergic to anything in the sofa? Dust-mites, pet dander, particular form of stuffing?

    I am quite inspired by your day. I used to love hill walking, but since developing asthma (first attack on a hill walk up a steep cliff on a very cold windy day), I have been too afraid to stride off too remotely; maybe I should tentatively start again...

  • Hi Winnie, you've slightly mis-read my post - the asthma kicks off when i fall asleep on the coach not couch hehe

    I'm in a walking group affiliated to the Ramblers and once a month we meet up, get on a coach and get driven somewhere in the country to go walking :-)

    We have different levels of difficulty and intensity and i tend to go in the easiest group, i could probably cope with a more difficult group but it would be coping rather than enjoying.

    I wouldn't feel confident going off wandering on my own but with the group it's great and everyone's lovely. I've got an injured foot at the moment (soft tissue only) but at one point i was struggling so one of the leaders lent me his stick (I always use one but then i had 2).

    You could look for a similar walking group in your area - one that has different levels of difficulty and check out what the easiest group is proposing to do. On sunday ours ranged from the 'A' group who were doing 9 miles and 2,700ft ascent down to our 'C' group who did 6 miles and 500ft ascent (in about 4 1/2hrs) :-)

  • oh dear!! so sorry for misreading. :) How very silly of me, it has been a bit of a day. I am a member of the ramblers, joined just before this all kicked off, and i haven't been able to do anything except walk round our village, (a good couple of miles at least and quite hilly so a nice stretch and i do it on my own), so maybe I should see if they, the local ramblers, do easy walks. I am in Wales as well (if not misreading you again?…) so maybe meet you on a ramble one of these days. The weather has been quite splendid, hasn't it.

  • No, no misreading this time :-) Yes we were in Wales but we don't often go there, we're based in North Mersyside (Formby if you know it) and travel to various different places usually within a 2-hour radius. We got excellent weather on Sunday - it was an absolutely perfect day, at least for our group :-)

  • Hi folks

    Great that you are getting out & about & keeping fit every little helps

    just to add that I would advice my patient to take a good dose (2 puffs is only a small amount) if you know you are going to do something energetic & walking over hills is.

    Alway start high even 10 & as see how it goes you could just take 8 etc etc until you find the dose that stops you getting breathless.

    Also folks do you realise that some Salbutamol makers are now recommending you wait 60 second between each puff NOT the 30 that other do.

    If you don't wait that recommended time it won't work

    Just in case you had not read that

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