different brands of montelukast

I've been on montelukast for a few years now and never had any problems with side effects. I've had a few different brands and noticed no difference until my latest batch. This last month I've had really wierd and vivid dreams (this bits nothing new to me really) but it's the fact I wake in the morning totally unrefreshed as though I've actually been physically doing the things in my dreams. I've also been waking during the night and generally sleeping rubbish which is meaning I'm shattered during the day. The only thing I can imagine is that is related to the different brand of montelukast. I'm due to pick my next prescription up this week and wondered if I can request not to have this brand again?

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  • I have done this with a non-asthma medication because of side effects I believe were due to colourings. I did it through the pharmacy and they were really helpful and have it on my details not to have that brand.

  • Yes you can, I had a problem with generic montelukast, I was coughing non stop on it. I requested that it was changed back to Singulair, I have had no problems since.

  • Thank you for your reply. Did you make the request with your Gp or pharmacist?

  • I made the request with the GP as the pharmacist can only prescribe what is on the prescription even though they were aware I could only take singulair. I would ask the GP if they could change it back to your previous brand as the new brand is causing you side effects. I did mine on a phone consultation in April. You may come up against the fact that the GPs have to review the expensive drugs periodically to see if they are still needed. My advice is be persistent and take it to the Practice manager if you don't get the prescription changed. Keep us informed of how you get on and Good luck

  • I had problems with the blue tablet version of Montelukast I got a red itchy rash on my neck and chest and my throat and mouth started to swell. My GP added a note to my medical records stating that I only be prescribed Singulair because I'm allergic to Sunset Yellow colouring that's in the blue tablet. Since I've gone back on to Singulair brand I've had no itchy rash.

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