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5 or 7 days for antibiotics

Sorry, I know I'm asking a million and one questions at the minute, hopefully this'll be my last for a while!!

The Gp have me pred and antibiotics and said I've given you 7 days of antibiotics, have 5 days worth but take the extra 2 days of you need to! How will I know if I need to? I feel as though the infection had cleared, no more aches and pains fever of green gunk, but I don't want to come off too quick if it's not totally clear, I know this increases the potential for bacteria to become antibiotic resistant too.

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Was feeling a little better whilst on antibiotics, but since stopping them and reducing pred, I'm starting to cough yellow stuff up again, have a temp and asthma still not right (waking at night, using Blue and pf between 65-75%). So seeing gp again tomorrow and have been given different antibiotics ;-(


Different antibiotics are making me feel odd, incredible thirst, chills and general feeling spacey and apparently the bottom of my left lung still has restricted air flow so back on pred and was sent for a chest x-ray this afternoon. Am also experiencing pain in my left lung. Grr.


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