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breathless almost all the time

hi ive had asthma many years , but since october ive nothing but probs.

im now on monteleukast 10mg per night. as well as atrovent and serotide inhalers and anti histamines

im worried now because im breathless whatever i do.

if i walk anywhere i can only go aboutt 10 yards and i have to stop to catch my breath,.

im still wheezing and coughing phlegm up even on this new treatment,.

could it be my heart?

im 52 yrs old, female, 3 stone over weight at the moment, never smoked, sedentary life style because im breathless.

Any advice anyone please?

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Hi Dawn,

Are you under a consultant? If I were you I would write down how your shortness of breath is limiting your life to take to your next consultant appt or make an appt for your GP ASAP, also write down the frequency of your symptoms. It could still be asthma, I was like this when I had my last flare up for many months. There are more meds they could try for you. And many tests they can do to investigate why you are short of breath.

Also, because you have been like this since October, your body will be de-conditioned which will also contribute to your symptoms.

I feel for you because it is so frustrating and isolating when it goes on and on.


hi thank you so much for your reply. at any time , i can cough up rubbish so i know its more than likely my asthma and my weight. doesnt help.

thank you again xx


You can cough up sputum because of heart or Lungs so please see your GP soon. Whatever the cause it is clearly affecting how you live your life and there will be options the GP/consultant can suggest as an action plan to improve things for you.


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