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Xolair and pregnancy

Hi everyone,

I just wondered if any of you have had any experience of getting/being pregnant whilst on Xolair therapy? I have severe brittle asthma and since being on Xolair for a few years I have had much more control of my asthma and have not been in ITU (or even hospital) for over a year now (a PB for me). My partner and I would like to start a family soon but there is very little information available on the risks of being pregnant and breastfeeding whilst receiving xolair and so my consultant has always been very strongly against it. I have an appointment with her coming up, to discuss our options but I imagine it will be a choice between coming off the therapy and hoping my asthma remains stable for the duration of the pregnancy, staying on the therapy and hoping that it doesn't adversely affect the baby, or accepting that I might never have be able to become pregnant. Neither of these seem ideal and I definitely don't want to put a child at risk. I was wondering if anyone had been through a pregnancy whilst on this therapy and whether they have any advice? I was hoping to be able to go to the appointment feeling more prepared for the way the conversation might go.

Many thanks in advance,


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Sarah, your consultant is understandably cautious, there are no human well controlled studies to determine the effects of xolair on the human foetus. Given that drugs have the potential to cause anything from no damage, to lots, it would feel to me a bit like winging it... Remember your consultant will have the premise of minimal harm, and unknown foetal risk is potentially lifelong for the child.

Current recommendations are that xolair should only be used in pregnancy if the benefits outweigh the risks of not doing so.

BNF info states:

Pregnancy - manufacturer advises avoid unless essential

Breast-feeding manufacturer advises avoid—present in milk in animal studies

I understand where you are coming from, I have had to accept that I cannot have any children due to my lungs.

Hopefully others will have some experience but remember that anecdotal experience of a pregnancy on xolair is totally different to establishing risk via controlled studies, it doesn't tell you anything about risk really.



Hello Sarah,

I am currently in the same situation you were theee years ago.

Do you have any more advice on this, how did you get on?

I hope you don't think me rude for asking



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