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Newly diagnosed with asthma

Hi, my first post here. I saw a specialist today, who says I have asthma. This was a huge relief as I was sure I had lung cancer.

I've been reading posts on here, and it seems to be a lot more complicated than I first thought.

I've been coughing and wheezing for nearly a year now, so hopefully my doc can sort me out.

I have what I thought was a cold, but specialist seems to think it was allergic rhinnitis, or something like that.....I still think it's a cold.

Any advice would be welcome. Thank you.

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Thanks for your prompt replies!!!!.....when I posted I was really medication except the blue inhaler. As from tonight, I'm on steroids, nasonex nasal spray, montelukasg tabs, and clenil modulite. Two puffsa twice day thingy.....really wondering what the monteluskat pills are for...I asked for an appointment wi the nurse to explain all this and guess an appointment for 3rd March. Ta ta nice

knowin you all.


Hi Tumchy

It's hard when you are new to Asthma. I have had Asthma for most of my life but just recently - over the last five years it has been more difficult to manage.

It can be hard to understand all the meds we are given. I take Montelucast - and was told it helps with the allergy side of my Asthma. I have a few allergy triggers and this helps with the narrowing of the airways when allergy is an issue. Hope this helps.




I'm so sorry for being cheeky.....blame the whisky. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.


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