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not sure whether i have asthma or not

Went to the doctors today as i thought my chest infection had came back. as she looked into my medial records i suffer with chest infections quite a lot. i dont get colds they go straight to chest infections my first one was when i.was 18. im 23 now.

i have hayfever and excema. and my brother has those and asthma.

the doctor has told me that because ive had so many chest infections damage has been done to my lungs. she.said that it should have been picked up sooner. shes gave me a blue inhaler which ive.got to.use for a week. and ive got to.monitor whether im out of.breath doing things like pushing my sons pram etc. which thinking about it i.have been struggling when ive been walking which.is.unusual.

i wondered if anyone.else has had this problem. im not.overweight. im 5ft and about 6-7 stone..always.have.been.small even.when.pregnant. i put my breathless down to carrying my son. hes a chunky 2 year old. Ive been.using the blue inhaler since this.morning and i feel a.bit better. not wheezing or coughing as much. as ive got a cold.

Thanks guys. look forward to hearing from someone. bit worried. my brothers asthma was sports related and hasnt.hatd any.problems for years so.he wasnt much help

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Sorry just read through. ive got a cold which is why i went back to the docs because its a chesty cough. same symptoms as my.chest infections.


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